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Old oak takes a ‘perfect’ tumble

A stately oak tree fell “perfectly” in the front yard of Mike and Karen King’s home on North Main Street in South Boston on Saturday evening after a brief thunderstorm had passed through the area.


“It was just a blessing the way it fell,” said Karen who described how the huge uprooted tree fell directly between the house and power lines causing no property damage.

She was in the kitchen making herself a cup of coffee at 6:15 p.m. after the storm had cleared the area when her son yelled out, “That tree is falling.”

Earlier strong winds and heavy downpours of rain had drenched residences along North Main Street, but King said it was after the storm had ended before the large tree toppled like a tired oak.

King’s daughter, who usually parks her car in the front yard where the tree fell, had come home during the worst of the storm and parked around back of the house so she could run inside quickly.

“If she had parked where she usually does, the tree would have fallen on her car,” King said.

“It was a good fall if that makes any sense,” she added.

Early Monday morning, a crew from Ricky Rogers Landscaping were busy cutting up the large oak tree and removing it from the North Main Street front yard.