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Drenching downpour soaks Riverdale bank

Benchmark opened at its regular time Thursday morning, and associates were busy helping customers amid the loud noise of multiple fans drying the remnants of what Mother Nature had left behind from a drenching downpour Tuesday afternoon. 

Over two inches of rain fell Tuesday afternoon just as many people were making their way home after the work day.

It was between 5:15 - 5:30 p.m. when Benchmark Community Bank staff realized they had a problem.

“The water accumulated faster than the drain was working,” said Benchmark Branch Manager Ace Bohanon.

Water came from the ceiling filling the floors of the bank and impacting computer systems. 

The bank was closed all day Wednesday to dry the ceiling and floors from the damaging rains. 

“We don’t know yet the extent of the damage,” added Bohanon.

However, he said they are lucky to have another branch just six miles down the road which assisted Riverdale branch customers on Wednesday. 

“We do appreciate their patience yesterday as we worked to fix the situation,” Bohanon said Thursday morning. “We can’t control the weather.” 

According to Aubrey Clark of the South Boston Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Boston, this area received 2.27 inches of rain Tuesday that resulted in the intersection at Riverdale partially flooding and Benchmark Bank experiencing its difficulties late in the afternoon.

Bohanon said, “I’d like to thank the several businesses that came in to help us at the spur of the moment.”