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25 students sent home after school ruckus Wednesday

More than two-dozen students were sent home Wednesday morning before the start of the school day as a result of what Halifax County High School Principal Albert Randolph described as a “minor” disturbance.


Approximately 25 students were told to go home after they refused to go to class, Randolph said.

“Students decided they didn’t want to go to class, so I called their parents to come pick them up,” the principal said.

The ruckus occurred after a rumor spread that a disturbance would break out Wednesday morning, and Randolph said he believes the rumor is what caused the students not go to class when directed by administrators.

Three officers from South Boston Police Department were called to the disturbance after School Resource Officer Edwin M. Cawthorne called for assistance, according to Capt. B. K. Lovelace.

“No arrests were made. We stayed until things calmed down and turned things over to school administration,” said Lovelace.

Randolph said although no suspensions were made, administrators took the appropriate actions Wednesday.

“Things are running smoothly today,” Randolph said Thursday morning.

The administration continues to follow all safety procedures and focus on the school’s mission which is to make sure the students achieve the highest level of achievement and are safe at all times, he added.