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Bounty: $25 per coyote killed

A coyote bounty program plan that pays $25 per coyote killed has been devised by the coyote ad hoc committee and will be implemented effective Monday, Dec. 3, according to Halifax County Agriculture Development Director Leah Brown.  

The committee formed several months ago and met multiple times to devise a plan to try and solve the coyote predator issues the county has seen.  From livestock to house-pets, coyotes are responsible for increasing damage, and this plan will hopefully bring about a solution, Brown said.  

Halifax County Animal Control will be largely responsible for implementing this new coyote bounty program, according to the agriculture development director.

Chief Warden Todd Moser will work with landowners and certified trappers to achieve the goals of the program.  Participants in the program will include certified trappers who were certified in Halifax County by the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation and Virginia Cooperative Extension.  A list of certified trappers is available at Animal Control.  

The program is based on the participation of landowners who have a coyote problem partnering with certified trappers who will be authorized to take coyotes on the property of the landowner, Brown explained.

The bounty program is in place to award $25 per coyote killed.  This will include $10 from the landowner, and $7.50 each from Halifax County and the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation.

When a landowner encounters a problem with coyotes and desires a hunter or trapper to remove the problem animals, he or she will meet with Animal Control, Brown said.  

The landowner will then discuss available options with Moser who will then contact the hunter/trapper chosen by the landowner and bring all three parties together for a meeting to discuss the agreements from all sides.  

To participate in the bounty program, Brown said Animal Control will issue numbered tags registered to the landowner.  When the certified trapper kills a coyote, it will be presented to the landowner who will then date and initial the tag and place it on the coyote.  The trapper will then present the coyote to Animal Control, who will properly dispose of the animal.  

Animal Control will then put in a request with the county for a check to be made to the trapper for the amount of $15 per coyote.  The landowner is responsible for paying the other $10 per coyote to the trapper per their agreement, Brown explained.