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Key battleground states including Virginia give Obama four more years

Democratic President Barack Obama won a second term in the White House Tuesday over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, winning both the electoral and popular vote in the process.

Obama won 303 electoral votes compared to 206 for Romney, and he won the popular vote as well, garnering an unofficial total of 60,405,100 votes nationwide, compared to 57,607,015 for Romney.

The incumbent president captured 26 states, including  key battleground states of Virginia, Ohio and Colorado.

Obama carried Virginia by slightly more than 100,000 votes, garnering 1,881,302 votes compared to 1,770,498 for Romney, or 51 percent to 48 percent.

Former 5th District Congressman Virgil Goode, running for president at the top of the Constitution Party ticket, garnered 13,568 votes in Virginia, or .36 percent.

Virginia’s hotly contested Senatorial race between two former governors also went the Democrats’ way, with Tim Kaine tallying 1,929,714 votes, unofficially, or 52.3 percent of the vote compared to 1,746,646 votes, or 47.5 percent for Allen.

Kaine’s victory means Democrats will maintain their majority in the Senate, potentially by a 55-45 margin.

Incumbent 5th District Congressman, Republican Robert Hurt kept his seat garnering 191,678 votes (55.2 percent) compared to 149,758 votes (43.1 percent) for Democratic challenger John Douglass.

Independent Green Party challenger Kenneth Hildebrandt garnered 5,423 votes, or 1.56 percent of votes counted.

Virginia voters overwhelmingly supported both proposed constitutional amendments on Tuesday.

Question 1 concerning Virginia Eminent Domain received 2,503,253 yes votes to 850,501 no votes, and Question 2 about the Virgina Veto Session received 2,702,092 yes votes and 596,808 no votes.