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At 99 and 102, pair head to polls in timeless tradition

There’s no limit on age when it comes to voting in a General Election.

Exercising their right to vote, 99-year old Lois Stevenson of South Boston and almost 102 year-old Odell Henry of Vernon Hill (who will celebrate her birthday Saturday) made their way to the polls early in the day Tuesday.

Stevenson, accompanied by her youngest son, Philip, was wrapped in a blanket to help her endure the chilly wait in line Tuesday morning.

She said she votes on principles.

“I vote every year,” added Stevenson.

Even though she said both candidates say many of the same things, she believes the candidate she chose to vote for shows great leadership, adding, it is time for the country to go in a “new direction.”

Henry, who traveled with her daughter, Virginia Ingram, to the Vernon Hill polling place at Oak Level Volunteer Fire Department, said she has been voting since 1928.

Wearing her favorite jewelry, make-up applied and hair done in style, Henry expressed how important she feels it is for everyone to vote.

“It’s the right thing to do,” she said.

Choosing to come out to the polling place instead of casting an absentee ballot, Henry proudly said after casting her vote that she voted Republican all the way.

“It’s time to change it around,” said Henry.

She believes presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a devoted family man and Christian and is open to working with both Republicans and Democrats. 

“He will bring everyone together,” said Henry.

Although voting for the Republican ticket this time around, Henry hasn’t always voted that way. She remembers another close election in 1960 when Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy ran against Republican Richard Nixon, an election she describes as the most memorable in which she has participated during her 100 plus years.

“I voted Democrat that year,” said Henry.

According to Ingram, Henry has patiently been waiting to come out and vote, asking her daughter every day, “Is today the day I can go vote?”

With her birthday right around the corner, Henry said she will celebrate double if her candidate wins the election, joking and saying, “I’ll invite him to celebrate my birthday.”

Henry, along with her daughter, planned to stay up late on election night to follow the outcome of what will be yet another close election.

“Go out and vote and vote right,” Henry concluded.