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Bacteria detected in Cluster Springs Elementary water

Coliform bacteria was found in the drinking water at Cluster Springs Elementary School last month, according to Halifax County Superintendent Dr. Merle Herndon.

Letters were sent home to parents on Wednesday notifying them bacteria had been detected in the drinking water at the school.

During the month of October, the maintenance department took five samples of drinking water at Cluster Springs Elementary School.

Three of those samples showed the presence of total coliform bacteria. The standard is no more than one sample per month may contain bacteria.

According to Herndon, in the past when bacteria was detected, follow up tests were completed, and a notice was posted at the school. However, due to new regulations, a notification must be delivered to all parents of students and employees at the specific school. 

“We have disinfected the 12,000 gallon tank and the entire water distribution system. Samples collected and analyzed after disinfection showed no presence of total coliform bacteria,” said Herndon.

The drinking water for all schools is continuously monitored by the schools maintenance department.

The notice sent home informs parents coliforms are bacteria which are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially-harmful, bacteria may be present.

“The water can be consumed unless you have a specific health concern in which case you should consult your doctor,” Herndon said, adding, “I’m grateful we check the water all the time.”