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Romney’s son rallies support in South Boston stop

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s eldest son, Taggart “Tagg” Romney, greeted more than 100 supporters Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the World of Sports in South Boston.

Several checked out their children from school or took a late lunch from work so they could have a chance to hear what Romney had to say Wednesday afternoon.

Romney, who wore a sweater to New Hampshire the previous day, told the crowd he was glad he didn’t pack a sweater for Virginia’s trip as he stood out in the 80-degree weather.

After thanking the veterans for their service and his wife for allowing him to take time away from the family to campaign for his father, he shared stories about the presidential candidate with rally supporters.

According to Romney, Americans should vote for his father for two reasons. Other than the fact that he knows what he’s doing and is very qualified, he’s a really good man.

“He cares about people, that’s why he’s running for president.  And by the way, we are going to win,” said Romney receiving applause from the enthusiastic crowd.

According to Romney, President Barack Obama said in the last election he would cut the deficit in half, but since then he has added five trillion to the deficit.

Rallying supporters for his father, the younger Romney said as president his dad plans to cut the deficit, get people back to work and get the economy moving.

Romney has seen his father up close in many instances and said his first instinct is to always help people.

“And people may say that they haven’t heard about him helping people, but his mom and dad raised him that you don’t go around bragging about doing good things. He let’s his actions speak for themselves,” said Romney.

Prior to the arrival of Romney Wednesday, Romney supporters shared their opinions on the election.

“This is the most important election in my lifetime. Whichever way this goes we’re going to prosper or go down the tubes. I hope people vote for values and check out the candidates and find out the truth about them,” said Bob McCullough of South Boston.

“I’ve never been so concerned, but now I’m scared about the future,” he added.

Pamela Vernon of South Boston took a late lunch from work to come out and show support for the Republican Party.

“I’ve been watching Mitt Romney, and he’s done a great job with answering the questions and avoiding arguments, and he has been very professional,” said Vernon.

“I hope more people will understand that we need a change, a big change,” said Sally Tuck of South Boston.

Carolyn Short of South Boston said she came out Wednesday to hear what Romney had to say.

“Mostly I’m here to give my support. I believe the election is going to turn out well for Romney. He shows good leadership. The country can’t afford another four years of Obama. He is anti everything that I feel makes our country good, and our country is good because it was founded on God’s principles, and if we neglect those principles, I feel we’re headed in the wrong direction, and Romney can turn us around,” said Short.

“I believe Romney is the best candidate to be president. He is a man that loves America and the American people. He changes things to help people rather than to hurt us,” said JoAnne Comer of South Boston.

Paul Steube of South Boston said the current administration continues to say they don’t want to go back, but they’re going back to the 30s. 

“FDR stretched the depression out for 10 years that turned into World War II. Obama has stretched the recession out for four years. People are hurting in this country, and Obama ought to be ashamed,” said Steube.

Others expressed their concern and reasons why they are pulling for Romney.

“I’m worried about the military, they keep cutting,” said Robert Snead of South Boston.

Romney closed by encouraging supporters to go vote early, tell others to vote and make sure they make the right vote.

“Thanks for loving this country,” said Romney. 

Before departing for his next stop in South Hill, he posed for pictures, signed autographs and gave advice to the youth in attendance.


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