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Traffic issues highlighted during ‘Distracted Driving Awareness Month’ in April

“Drive Smart Virginia” and the Town of Halifax Police Department remind the public that April is ‘Distracted Driving Awareness Month.’” 


“It’s important to know that 80 percent of traffic crashes are directly related to distracted driving.   Whether you’re texting, reading an email, checking on the kids in the backseat, eating a burger or just changing the radio station, anything that takes your eyes off the road and your attention away from driving is a distraction,” said Acting Halifax Town Police Chief D. D. Irby.

Distracted driving killed over 5,000 people in 2009, and it’s a growing problem on America’s roads.   Texting while driving has been determined to be the most dangerous distraction driver’s face, Irby added.

“Help Drive Smart Virginia, other drivers, pedestrians and yourself by buckling up every time you drive or travel by motor vehicle.  If you absolutely must call someone, take a call or send/receive a text while driving; pull off the highway at a safe location first,” Irby advised.

“Buckle Up Phone Down” is Drive Smart Virginia’s theme for this year’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

“It’s the smart and safe thing to do,” Irby said.

(Statistics obtained from Drive Smart Virginia’s website.)