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Fresh events aim to keep SoBo market growing

It’s that time of year again, and soon the South Boston Farmers Market will provide affordable fresh produce to the residents of Halifax County and surrounding areas once again.

 According to Ray Satterfield, president of the Famers Market Association and market manager, the market will open sometime in mid April with a grand opening following in June.  

Satterfield said as of right now they already have started selling plants and turnip salad during the week.  

The market will open at 8 a.m. on the weekdays and 7 a.m. on the weekends, Satterfield said. 

The market manager has gotten a committee together, and they are planning many activities and events for this season. Some of the events will include different activities for youngsters and some Friday night events, Satterfield said. 

The committee is considering donating the proceeds from these extra activities to the Halifax County Cancer Association. 

Satterfield said he plans to have more details after the committee meets on April 3 to finalize everything. 

This year he’s also hoping to have more vendors than the 32 they had at the end of last year’s season. He said he’s already had two or three new people call him about joining the market. He said he might have some bakers, goat meat and cheese vendor, and more farmers selling produce at the market this season. 

Some of the vendors the market already has are the Tuck family from Virgilina and Lynn Spry, both organic growers.

According to Satterfield, the market did “really good” last season with almost 200 consumers visiting the market on Saturdays. 

“I couldn’t be more prouder than last year. We’ve increased in sales and vendors every year for the past three years,” Satterfield added.

Satterfield said that with gas prices rising like they are, he hopes the market will still do as well as it did last year. 

He is working to build a better market this year and for the years to come.

Satterfield attributes the increase in sales to more varieties of produce and the quality of produce sold.

The market brings a lot of business to the town, he pointed out. The people end up shopping at the market as well as the other businesses in town. 

Folks often travel from Clarksville and Roxboro, N.C. to come shop at the market, Satterfield said.

He urges county residents who may have never shopped at the local farmers market to check it out this spring season.