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Shoppers Value to debut Friday in South Boston

Farmer’s Foods in the Hupps Mill Plaza has a new owner, Chief Operating Officer Floyd “Buster” Madison, and with the new ownership comes a new name, Shoppers Value, and new prices. 

Friday will be the grand opening for Shoppers Value beginning when the doors open at 8 a.m., and the store’s operating hours will be from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

The COO said he is real excited about what he is going to bring here calling South Boston “ideally suited” for the new store. 

“We are thrilled to put a cost plus store here,” said Madison who is bringing a concept currently found in Atlanta, Memphis and three other locations in Virginia. 

The most exciting part of the store for Madison is the pricing that it will bring. 

All products will be sold at the store’s cost plus 10 percent resulting in “startling good prices. 

“This is going to be a marvelous price image to the public. Here they will pay a discounted price that is going to be reflected on everything in the store,” said Madison. 

The changes in the store are what the COO calls a “way for independent groceries to outshine the big chains.”

Being price driven, Madison said the store will bring out value that chain stores simply cannot get. 

“If you look around, we don’t have any fancy departments, no floral shop, no deli. We don’t have a 100,000 square foot store. All that stuff adds cost,” said Madison. 

 “We take all the cost out of the system, and what the customers pay is our cost, and we operate cheaper, so our cost passes on to them. They get it at a cheaper cost.

“It’s just that simple. It’s not complicated, but it’s pretty darn effective,” he added.

In addition to its Shoppers Value brand items, the store also will sell national brands, private label products, meat and produce. 

Even though the store will no longer have a deli, customers will have the option of rotisserie chicken and the deli manager’s, Gracie Hawk’s, “famous fried chicken.” Hawk has fried chicken for the store for years, Madison said. 

With all the changes, much remodeling has been done to prepare for the grand opening, and all of it has been performed by local contractors.

The COO said, “We didn’t bring anybody in from out of state. We are very sensitive to being a good supporter of the community.”

All of the lights have been replaced in the ceiling resulting in a brighter store. Refrigeration casing has been replaced, new carpet has been installed in the front of the store and lots of cleaning and painting has been done. 

“It was battered and bruised before, and now it’s coming out the box like a new shiny penny,” said Madison. 

Shoppers Value also will retain all the former Farmer’s Food employees as well as add 10 to 12 more employees with an anticipation of increased business. 

According to the COO, the employees are “excited as can be to see the investment that’s been going back in the building.

“It gives the employees a sense of longevity and stability,” said Madison, “They are thrilled that the new company is coming in and took the opportunity to invest in them and the building. And I think the customers will also be excited.”

Come Friday, he hopes his customers will have this experience: “A clean, friendly, inviting supermarket with absolutely superb quality meat and produce at absolutely the cheapest prices in town.” 

The COO also said future plans call for adding Shoppers Value supermarkets to other locations around the state with the hope of being a “long term player in the state of Virginia.”  

 “We are most excited about being in South Boston. I think it’s going to be an ideal spot and a wonderful place to shop,” Madison concluded.