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HCHS grad lands NASA internship

For Halifax County High School graduate Candice Brown, having a strong support system has really helped to push her in a positive direction guiding her to reach her full potential and encouraging her to reach for the stars.

And now the Virginia State University junior has landed her dream internship with NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The computer engineering major will attend a 10-week paid internship with four other students from Virginia State University.

 During the internship, she will work with a device called a USRP.

 United Way of Halifax County has
donated funds to help finance Brown’s living arrangements while she is in Maryland.

Brown said she is looking forward to the experience she will gain from the internship along with all the information and skills she will take way from this opportunity.

She credits her mentors, Janet and Lott Rogers, for being that strong support system in her life who encouraged her to make her dreams become a reality.

“Having that support helped me want to achieve my short-term and long-term goals and help me to be able to have big opportunities that will open doors for my future,” Brown said.

She was 8-years-old when she was introduced to the Rogers who took her and her brothers under their wings.

Lott already had been mentoring her brothers, so it was only natural for his wife, Janet, to take her in, Brown said.

 Brown, who was being raised by her grandfather with the help of an aunt, experienced both the loss of her mother and grandmother at a very early age and appreciated the extra female role model in her life.

Janet stepped up to the plate giving her the love, support and encouragement she needed, according to Brown.

The soon to be NASA intern said Janet instilled in her several core values that she will carry with her the rest of her life.

“I learned respect, manners, determination, and I had someone to push me, someone who was always in my corner,” Brown said.

Because of Janet’s motivation, not only did Brown work her way into a NASA internship, but she graduated high school in 2012 with her associate degree that is allowing her to graduate from college early and now making her a senior credit-wise.

Brown and Janet still remain in contact, and she remains one of her biggest cheerleaders.

She recalled Janet being very supportive and encouraging when she told her she was applying for the internship.

“I think she was more excited than me. She is very happy and proud of me,” Brown said.

She is very appreciative of the role Janet and her husband have played in helping her and her brothers excel in life. 

“Thank you for being there and supporting me and seeing me excel and see my dreams become reality,” Brown said acknowledging the support the Rogers have given her.