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When it comes to prom, extravagance now extends to popping the question

As the sun sets on Saturday, April 26, the entrance of Halifax County High School is expected to become crowded with hundreds of Halifax County residents lining up to witness their children, grandchildren, friends and relatives walk the “red carpet” to the school for that special evening, their 2014 high school prom. This year’s event features a 1920’s theme, “Dancing in the Streets.”

Each year Halifax County High School students continue to wow the crowds with their variety of arrival tactics leaving those watching wondering, “What are these kids going to think of next?” 

Shocked by dates arriving on boats, forklifts, tractors, fire trucks, a General Lee replica, vintage automobiles, the newest rides and rented limousines, viewers are usually heard cheering as they feverishly snap photos.  

This year, things they are a’changing.

Although no one has been injured while making their prom entrance, police have decided they no longer want to take any chances. 

All vehicles that arrive at this year’s prom must be “street legal.” 

But before students even heard that news, they had already stepped pre-prom festivities a notch. 

Rather than waiting until the big night to show off their creativity, this year’s prom proposals are already catching an eye or two.  

Using their vivid imaginations, and with a little help from the Internet, guys have created a number of unique ways to help make sure their special girl says yes. 

Senior Kaitlyn Meadows was surprised by her date, senior Doug Winegar, in the high school parking lot by his prom proposal one day recently. 

Meadows is the daughter of Sheila and Christopher Meadows of Eastover Drive in South Boston, and Winegar is the son of Theresa and Richard Winegar of Greens Folly Road, South Boston.

Earlier that day while in school, Winegar had given Meadows a sticky note that said “Prom?” Even though she said she was a little disappointed by how he asked, she accepted his request. 

What she didn’t know was that Winegar had been searching online and scratching his head to come up with the “best proposal in the high school for the best girl” days before, and this gesture was just the beginning.  

Around 3:15 when the two made it to the parking lot, Meadows was surprised by what he had done to her car. 

Her car was covered with 500 sticky notes each saying “Prom?” and the first song that they had ever danced to, “Love at a coffee shop” by Landon Pigg, was playing in the distant from his truck radio. 

Winegar also had taped four balloons to the car, and two of them said, “You’re #1.” 

“I also made a poster board that said “Prom?” on the front, and on the back of the poster board there was a checklist that said multiple things, and one of the key ones was “Ask 500 girls to prom, or ask one girl 500 times,” said Winegar. 

As his date noticed the surprise, Winegar stood like a statue. 

“I was too excited from all the preparation and just waiting for her to say yes,” said Winegar.

Meadows said she was overwhelmed by the display at first and wasn’t sure what to think. 

The first thing that came out of her mouth was, “You’re going to take all of these off, right?” When she realized what it was, she once again said yes she would be his date. 

“A big prom proposal wasn’t exactly what I wanted because I don’t like getting attention from everyone, but I loved it,” said Meadows.

“It made me feel important that he would do all that just to ask me to the prom. I was very happy.” 

The two are looking forward to dressing up and enjoying the music and food at prom. 

Meadows plans to wear a teal mermaid dress, and Winegar hopes to match in a black tux with a teal vest. 

Ninth grader Kaitlyn Chappell, daughter of Melanie and Henry (H. L.) Chappell III of Vernon Hill, was not only given the chance to attend prom during her first year of high school, but she was asked in a very special way by her boyfriend, 11th grader Adam Wilborn, of South Boston. 

Both of them are active in the 4-H Honor Club, and Wilborn’s proposal came during one of their meetings at the Halifax County Extension Office. 

Wilborn had to make a presentation that day, and as he began his presentation he announced he would be doing a magic trick and asked Chappell to be his volunteer. 

He began a card trick, and at the end of it, Chappell had an ace of hearts card folded in her mouth as part of the trick, and she had to open it. 

Inside the card read “Will you go to prom with me?” 

She immediately said, “Yes!” with excitement. 

“It was unexpected; however, I did know that he had a surprise for me that day.  I just didn’t know when or where,” said Chappell. 

The ninth grader always had dreamed of having a “big prom proposal,” and Wilborn made her dream come true. 

“It was amazing that he put that much time and thought into asking me to prom,” said Chappell. 

The couple is excited to spend the big night together. 

“I am so excited to be Adam’s date. I think the best part will be getting all dressed up and watching everyone’s face as we walk in together, then getting to dance and have fun,” said Chappell.  

After Heather Hughes’ father, Charlie Hughes, told his daughter and her special guy, Chance Daniel, that he used to ask girls to dances simply by saying, “You wanna go?” Daniel thought he could use that to do something special for Hughes. 

Daniel had seen several students request their date to prom by writing on their car, so he decided he wanted to do something different. 

He wanted her to love it and be completely surprised by it because he says, “Hughes is someone special who deserves it.”   

One evening, he went to her house and wrote “Prom? You wanna go?” on her bedroom window. 

When Hughes came home, she knew something was “fishy.” 

She saw that her blinds were down and that Daniel was there. 

As she raised her blinds, she saw the writing and flowers. 

“It was significant because of the story my dad had told us, and I had told Chance that wasn’t going to work, but when he wrote it on my window, I thought it was adorable,” said Hughes. 

The two had different thoughts when it came to prom and the proposal. 

Hughes didn’t even think Daniel would ask her, but she wanted him to and when he did, she was “so, so happy.” 

“I was glad. It showed me that he listened and cares,” said Hughes.

All along, Daniel wasn’t nervous because he was sure she’d say yes.

“I was happy when she said yes, and I was glad that she got what she wanted,” said Daniel. 

These two seniors are more than happy for everyone to see them walk down the carpet as Hughes sports a dark blue dress with lace.

“I’m just going to enjoy being with Heather, and since it’s my senior prom, I’m happy just to be having the experience,” said Daniel. 

Several other high school boys have asked their dates in special ways including one who released balloons from a box and the inside read, “I’d be beary happy if you would go to prom with me” with a teddy bear next to the note as he stood there holding a rose. 

 Another guy took his truck through the mud and wrote out, “Prom?” on the side of the muddy truck for his prom proposal.  

Even though their creativity in arrival may be limited on prom evening by some new rule, many already have taken the time to show their date that they are someone very special.