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Supes voice support of hog farm extension

Halifax County Board of Supervisors voiced their support at Monday’s meeting for W. Page Wilkerson’s application for a variance for infrastructure improvements at his hog farm operation on Wilkerson Trail.

Wilkerson, who said he has been in the hog business for 21 years, added it was time “to do a little updating and remodeling.”

Wilkerson’s barn currently has 16 rows of 12 farrowing crates, each measuring 5x7 feet for a total of 192 crates.

“My plan is to have 17 rows of 11 crates which equals 187, so actually instead of expanding, I’m actually decreasing them,” Wilkerson explained.

“These crates are a little larger and hopefully I can raise more pigs and make it a little more comfortable for the sows.

“My total number of sows will probably go down.  I’m on a contract for 508 pigs a week, and I have no incentive to increase those numbers.”

“I’m just trying to be more efficient,” added Wilkerson, who added he’s also trying to do open pen gestation.

“That’s something the industry is going do,” said Wilkerson.

The extension will add 14 feet to the end of the existing building, according to Wilkerson.

The purpose of the hearing was to take public comments on the variance application per the Halifax County Confined Animal Feeding Ordinance, explained Planning and Zoning Administrator Robbie Love.

Love told supervisors adjoining property owners had been notified of Wilkerson’s application, but he had received no comments from them for the record.

The Board of Zoning Appeals will take up the issue at a meeting set for 6:30 p.m. today.

Supervisor Doug Bowman was absent from Monday’s meeting.

Supervisors approved a motion at Monday’s meeting authorizing Finance Officer Stephanie Jackson to publish the delinquent tax listing, including tax years 1993-2012 for delinquent real estate, and tax years 2008-2012 for delinquent personal property.

The lists, updated as of June 30, 2013, would be available in Treasurer Linda Foster’s and Jackson’s offices in an electronic format.

County Administrator Jim Halasz recommended the lists be updated no less than quarterly to reflect payments on advertised delinquencies throughout the year with coordination between Foster and Jackson.

Supervisor J.T. Davis suggested the board of supervisors receive updates during the year at meetings where they can discuss the methodology of collecting delinquent taxes.

According to Davis, Mecklenburg County has a 99 percent success rate in collecting delinquent taxes.

“Are we doing all necessary things we need to do to collect delinquent taxes,” said Davis.


Supes approve Buckskin Trail as Rural Rustic Road

Supervisors approved a resolution designating Buckskin Trail as a Rural Rustic Road.

The resolution calls for Buckskin Trail to be hard-surfaced and be improved within the existing right-of-way and ditch lines to preserve the trees, vegetation, side slopes and rural rustic character along the road in their current state.

Acting Assistant Residency Administrator Jay Craddock reported VDOT has recommended retaining the existing 55 MPH speed limit on Route 702, in response to a request from Halasz for a reduced speed zone.

VDOT will be installing winding road signs and horizontal alignment signs and cut back foliage on Route 702 to improve visibility.

Craddock added four “watch for children” signs have been approved for the Town of Halifax.


Planning and zoning

Supervisors took action on three planning and zoning issues Monday night, including:

Referring a conditional use permit application by Walter Coates to operate a gun shop at 1043 Parsonage Road to the planning commission for its recommendation, and that public hearings be set before planners on Aug. 27 and supervisors on Sept. 3

 Referring a land use permit application by Mary Blakeslee rezoning the Belt Subdivision (Shepards Gate) from M-1 Industrial to R-1 Residential to the planning commission, and that public hearings be set before planners on Aug. 27 and supervisors on Sept. 3

 Referring a rezoning application request from South Boston Foursquare Church (The Worship Center) to rezone the site of the former South of Dan School from A-1 Agricultural to R-2 Residential to the planning commission, and that public hearings be set before planners on Aug. 27 and supervisors on Sept. 3.

County Administrator

Supervisors approved a reimbursement resolution Monday night to segregate and qualify costs associated with possible facility improvements for the Sheriff’s Department, USDA Farm Services lease, industrial arts building and temporary courts and administrative space.


Community Services Board update

Don Burge and Elsie Gladding updated supervisors on progress Southside Community Services Board  (SCSB) has made the past fiscal year.

According to a PowerPoint presentation, SCSB directly provided 225 jobs, paid almost $11 million in employee compensation and spent $13.8 million in total output/expenditures during the past fiscal year.

Those outputs supported an estimated 92 additional jobs across the region, $3.85 million in additional labor income and $5.95 million in additional regional economic output.

The SCSB supported regional development of the Southside Prisoner Reentry Council and Cross Systems Mapping Project and provided direct services to 3.8 percent more people in the past fiscal year, according to Burge’s presentation.

That increase was attributed to serving more young children and people with substance abuse disorders.

It also implemented integrated software for payroll, finances and human resources systems the past fiscal year, according to the presentation.

Gladding, Halifax County’s appointee to Southside Community Services Board, said her organization is a “vital link” in the public safety net, including law enforcement, courts, juvenile services, social services and other public and private agencies.

“A great number of persons locally who find themselves in the criminal justice system are marginal in their social functioning and lack of significant family support,” Gladding said.

“The majority have a mental disorder or mental illness, diagnosed or undiagnosed, substance abuse needs and/or borderline intellectual functioning or even intellectual disability,” Gladding added.



Supervisors recommended Otis Vaughan be appointed to the Southside Planning District Commission Housing Rehabilitation Board.