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Halifax police getting new vehicles, firearms

Halifax police will soon be cruising around town in four new patrol cars, according to Halifax Police Chief Kevin Lands.

Lands said he anticipates two of the cars will arrive this week and the other two by the end of next week.

Then the cars will receive special marking and detailing before being put on the roads for patrol.

In addition to their new rides, Halifax police also have been issued new weapons at no expense to taxpayers. 

Lands said officers turned in their unused rifles, and they traded in old weapons in order to pay for the guns. Lands said the police department still has a $1,000 credit.

In other police business, Lands asked all residents to be aware of town and state laws governing the parking of vehicles on town streets. 

“There are laws that many people know well because they have been highly promoted or taught vigorously in driver’s education classes. However there are some other laws that are just as significant but seem to be less widely known,” Land said.

For example, the police chief reminded the public that parking on the wrong side of the road is illegal.

Lands said according to State Code 46.2-889, no vehicle shall be stopped close to and parallel to the right edge of the curb or roadway, except that a vehicle may be stopped close to and parallel to the left edge or curb of the roadway on one way streets or may be parked at an angle where permitted by the Commonwealth Transportation Board or local authorities with respect to highways under their jurisdiction.

“In plain English, only park your vehicle on the right side of the roadway, unless it’s a one-way street, where it is permissible to park on either side unless otherwise indicated,” Lands said. “This section of the code is used to preserve safety and order for the residents in the Town of Halifax. It maintains safety on the roads by preventing drivers from pulling out of a parking space into oncoming traffic.”

Lands said vehicles found in violation of this code will be ticketed, and he urged residents to park their vehicles on the proper side of the street.

Also Tuesday night, Lands reported that for the month of June Halifax Police answered 451 calls, made one felony arrest for possession of cocaine and eight misdemeanor arrests for wanted suspects, trespassing, marijuana and driving under the influence.

Also for the month of June, Halifax Police served three protective orders including both mental and domestic related orders and issued 66 traffic summons, Lands said.