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Finance committee to discuss divvying up extra $593,000

Members of the Halifax County Board of Supervisors Finance Committee will meet this afternoon at 2 p.m. in the second floor meeting room at the County Administration Building in Halifax to discuss budget recommendations to be made at the May 6 board meeting.

Supervisors are expected to consider the budget at the May 6 meeting, but before then they need to decide how to divvy up an extra $593,000 they did not expect to have in the budget.

County Administrator Jim Halasz and Finance Director Stephanie Jackson updated the board on the more than half million dollar surplus earlier this month resulting from the county having $343,000 more than expected from reductions in regional jail costs, $70,000 from a reduction in health insurance costs and $180,000 from an increase in anticipated sales tax revenue.

Earlier, Halasz recommended supervisors hold back at least $300,000 until late fall or early winter in the next fiscal year for use in unforeseen costs for courthouse construction and relocation of the sheriff’s department.

He also suggested supervisors consider holding back $105,000, the amount it would cost to give employees a 2 percent salary increase, “until late fall to consider unmet needs that may arise.”

That leaves $188,000 for distribution as the board desires.

Previously the finance committee had recommended giving the schools an additional $240,000.

Other needs not currently budgeted but under consideration are $50,000 for water and sewer preliminary engineering reports at the fairgrounds off Plywood Trail, $214,000 for additional refuse trucks and $105,000 for a 2 per cent employee pay increase.

Halasz reminded board members they had expressed interest in considering development of property at the fairgrounds with preliminary engineering reports for water and sewer to cost approximately $25,000 each.

The county administrator said Solid Waste Management Director Ricky Nelson is having “difficulties” with the department’s refuse truck that has been on the road for 13 years, 365 days a year and suggested supervisors may want to consider buying a replacement truck.

Other expenses currently not in the staff recommended budget include the following:


Budget reductions

Institute of Government - $1,950

 Roanoke River Rails to Trails - $1,900

 Chamber of Commerce membership dues - $3,200

 Virginia’s Retreat - $4,061

 Roanoke River Basin Association - $3,930

 Museum - $10,389

 IDA Operations - $100,000

 Longwood Small Business Center - $10,738

 Tourism - $14,697

 Old Dominion RC&D - $2,594

 YMCA - $6,252

 Litter Control Director - $19,950


Unfunded requests

 Commissioner of the Revenue personal property returns - $13,000

 Volunteer Fire Departments insurance reimbursement - $29,000

 VFD 1 additional set of PPE per department (1 set in staff recommendation) - $24,000

 Addition of 5 percent reduction from FY 2012 restored for rescue squad - $6,000

 Addition of $6,000 to other rescue (North Halifax and Turbeville) - $6,000

 Rescue Squad insurance reimbursement (property and equipment) - $17,500

 Community Services Board additional funding - $74,615

 Library additional funding - $17,000

 Prizery new funding annual arrangement - $75,000

 Two sheriff vehicles (3 are included in staff recommended budget) - $52,000