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Halifax gets tornado siren; test planned for Wednesday

A tornado siren was placed into service in the Town of Halifax last Friday. Located at the Halifax Volunteer Fire Department, the siren will provide audible warning within one mile of the fire station once a tornado warning is issued.  

According to Halifax County Emergency Services Coordinator Kirby Saunders, the project, which cost just under $12,000, was completed jointly by the Town of Halifax, Halifax Volunteer Fire Department and Halifax County Emergency Services. 

The siren is designed to protect town residents, visitors and the many who work within the town limits by providing a steady and constant audible wail. The warning will be activated remotely when a warning is issued for the area in and around the Town of Halifax, Saunders said. 

Officials plan to test the newly installed siren at 2 p.m. Wednesday  Residents, visitors and those who work within town limits are encouraged to review their own emergency plans during this time, the emergency services coordinator said. 

A reminder Code Red message will be sent to citizens in and around the Town of Halifax on Wednesday morning.  

In the event of an actual tornado warning, residents should be prepared to take the following immediate actions:    

1. Immediately move to the lowest possible area in your home, like a basement or seek shelter in an interior hallway, bathroom, or other room free of windows and exterior doors 

2. Kneel down and cover your face 

3. Stay in position until the storm has passed and monitor local weather radio  

Citizens who do not live within range of a siren can be notified by NOAA Weather Radio or by registering as a free subscriber to Code Red, the Halifax County emergency notification system. 

For more information on Code Red, visit