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Interview with police brings out confession

Nearly a year before he pleaded guilty to five embezzlement charges in connection with the appropriation of sheriff’s office funds for his personal use, including asset forfeiture funds and drug task force funds, former Halifax County Sheriff Stanley Noblin asked for prayers and confessed to Virginia State Police and Special Agent Accountant William Talbert Jr. of his hardships.

On Sept. 14, 2012, Noblin met with Talbert to discuss some questions Talbert had about the ongoing investigation.

In a 45 minute recorded interview, Noblin shares small talk with Talbert before he goes into detail on how things got out of hand financially.

Talbert questioned Noblin about any bank statements he may have for the bank account he opened under the name, “Halifax County Sheriff.”

“I kept very little from the sheriff’s office,” said Noblin.

When Talbert said he was trying to avoid getting a subpoena, Noblin assured Talbert he’d do everything he could to get the bank statements.

“Do you know what you did with this account?” asked Talbert.

“As far as the funds, I couldn’t tell where it all went,” said Noblin.

Noblin also had difficulty recalling what happened to funds left by the prior administration (Sheriff Jeff Oakes) in a safe in the sheriff’s department. 

 “I’m sure I used some for sheriff’s office stuff and probably used some for personal too. I can’t recall what was what.”

Going over each statement with Noblin, Talbert referred to a case he was working on recently and asked Noblin if he had “any kind of gambling problems…or is your money going to any other issue.”

“No…No…You asked me about a girl someone claimed I had a child by. No. I don’t have any gambling or anything else. I just got behind because of the situation that started with my daughter,” said Noblin.

He added that a parenting expense came up, and there was no work in the landscaping business.

“Like I said, absolutely no excuse for anything I’ve done, but I know you explained to him (Substitute Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric A. Cooke of Southampton County) what was going on,” said Noblin.

Noblin continued throughout the entire interview telling Talbert he had every intention of putting every expense back, but “it didn’t work out that way.”

 Mostly concerned for his family and how it would impact them once the news got out, Noblin asked for Talbert to pray for him, his wife, children and his parents.

“I hate them having to go through this, and I hate what I’ve done,” he added. “My poor wife…I have the most wonderful wife in the world. I hope she’ll stick with me. She’s tough. She does everything right…she does everything right. I’m going to spend every second I can with them.”

Noblin thanked Talbert for everything and said he appreciated all he was trying to do for him.

“I can’t promise anything…I can only present facts,” said Talbert, who had previously told Noblin everything he was telling him was checking out.

Before the interview concluded, Noblin told Talbert, “I’ve had to carry this a long time, just me.”

The former sheriff pleaded guilty July 12 in Halifax County Circuit Court to five embezzlement charges in connection with the appropriation of sheriff’s office funds for his personal use, including asset forfeiture funds and drug task force funds.

Pursuant to a plea agreement, the commonwealth chose not to prosecute currently the two additional related felony embezzlement charges and 14 felony forgery charges against the former sheriff.

There was no agreement regarding sentencing, with sentencing in the case continued to Oct. 17.