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Police investigate cemetery statue thefts, vandalism

What type of person steals concrete deer statues, a buck and a doe, from the graves of someone’s dearly departed loved ones?

That’s what Halifax County Sheriff’s Investigator Jeff Burton is trying to determine.

A search is on for the thief, culprit and vandal who broke the buck statue from its base before stealing it along with the doe statue from the Halifax Baptist Church cemetery sometime during the months of February and March.

The cemetery is located at 9200 Chatham Road in Nathalie.

 “The concrete base was busted and still lying on the grave” when the family discovered the vandalism and theft at their loved ones’ gravesite.

Judging by the broken pieces of concrete in the dirt, the statues hadn’t been taken long because the concrete had not settled in the dirt, the investigator said.

Family members discovered the statues were missing from two graves during an Easter egg hunt at the church March 30.

These two families have been impacted by the thefts and vandalism of their loved ones’ gravesite, Burton said. 

“They knew the statues were there on Valentine’s Day,” he added.

The statues, valued at $300 each, were placed on two graves in the cemetery located beside a picnic shelter near the church. 

Anyone with information about the thefts of the two missing deer statues believed to have taken place sometime between Feb. 15 and March 30 is asked to contact Investigator Burton at the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office by calling 476-3399.