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Police: Scam artist targets elderly man in Halifax County

An elderly Alton man fell victim Tuesday afternoon to what Halifax County Sheriff Fred Clark is describing as a scam artist.

Clark is warning area residents to be alert, beware and not be caught off guard by deceptive scammers circulating through the county.

According to Clark, around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday deputies were called to a residence on Horseshoe Trail in Alton to speak with an 87-year-old victim who said he had been scammed. 

Also responding was an off-duty Halifax town policeman who was on his way home.

A white male, wearing khaki pants and driving a late-model white pickup truck believed to be a four-wheel drive Ford F-150, came to the elderly man’s home, carrying a notepad and a tape measure, saying he was conducting a census.

 Clark said the homeowner allowed him to come inside his residence, where he began taking measurements of doors and walls. 

He then asked the resident if he would have a seat and wait while he went to get a camera to take some pictures. The homeowner then heard the truck start up and leave.

The homeowner immediately checked his wallet, which was on his nightstand, Clark said, and he discovered all the money in his wallet had been stolen.

Authorities said an undetermined amount of cash was taken.

“The gentleman was so distraught over the scam, deputies called local E.M.T’s to check his vital signs,” the sheriff said.

According to Clark, another scam is also circulating when someone calls claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.

That person tells the person he or she will be issued an updated social security number, but they need bank account information in order for the person to receive their social security checks. 

Sheriff Clark reminds citizens never to give out social security or bank account information over the telephone.