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Police seek info on vehicle eggings, vandalisms in SoBo

South Boston Police are seeking information regarding a recent rash of vandalism in which culprits egged more than 50 cars over the past week.

“We would greatly appreciate anyone having information regarding these incidents calling the crime line,” said South Boston Police Sgt. G.M. Gilliam. “Persons calling can leave their name and contact information or remain anonymous.”

The crime line number is 434-476-8445.

The latest round of vandalism was discovered Sunday morning. 

Gilliam said approximately a dozen vehicles, some of which were found by police and some that had been reported by citizens, had been egged by vandals. 

The vandalized vehicles were found on North Main Street, Washington Avenue, Second Street and Hamilton Boulevard. 

The officer said he dealt with 10 of the reports yesterday morning. He added there could possibly be more incidents that have not yet been reported to police.

“It appears to be the work of kids, but we really don’t have a clue,” Gilliam said. “Any tips we can get will be greatly appreciated.”

Gilliam said Sunday’s rash of vandalism followed a round of vandalism in which 45 cars were egged in the same area last week.