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Data shows crime decline

Crime rates declined in the county with Virginia State Police and Halifax County Sheriff’s Office both showing a decrease in the number of arrests last year, according to Virginia’s official comprehensive report on local and statewide crime figures for 2013.

Halifax County Sheriff’s Office last year responded to 743 incidents — lower than the 909 in 2012 — four kidnapping/abductions, five forcible rapes, 24 other forcible sex offenses, three robberies, 22 aggravated assaults, 152 simple assaults/intimidations and three arsons, according to the detailed document, titled “Crime in Virginia.” 

“Crime in Virginia” provides precise rates and occurrences of crimes committed in towns, cities and counties across the commonwealth.

The report breaks down criminal offenses by the reporting agency as well as arrests by jurisdiction.

The report indicated Halifax County Sheriff’s Office responded last year to 95 burglary calls, reports of 256 larcenies, 24 motor vehicle thefts, seven counterfeiting/forgeries, 41 frauds, two embezzlements, one stolen property, 134 destruction of property/vandalisms, 48 drug/narcotic offenses and 18 weapon law violations.

Last year, State Police in Halifax County responded to 189 incidents — a decrease from the 232 incidents in 2012 — including one aggravated assault, one larceny, three motor vehicle thefts, nine frauds, one destruction of property/vandalisms, 172 drug/narcotic offenses and seven weapon law violations.

Halifax County had a population of 26,710 in 2013, according to the report, with an incident rate per 100,000 of 2,781.72.

South Boston Police Department also saw a decrease in reported crimes responding to 790 incidents in 2013 compared to 846 incidents in 2012.

Reported crimes included one kidnapping/abduction, five forcible rapes, six forcible sex offenses, eight robberies, 29 aggravated assaults, 163 simple assaults and three arsons.

Also South Boston Police authorities investigated 66 burglaries, 307 larcenies, 10 motor vehicle thefts, six counterfeiting/forgeries, 34 frauds, nine embezzlements, 131 destruction of property/vandalisms, 64 drug/narcotic offenses, one non-forcible sex offense, one pornography offense and 13 weapon law violations.

South Boston had a population of 8,068 last year, according to the report, with an incident rate per 100,000 of 9,791.96.

In the Town of Halifax, police responded to 19 incidents in 2013 compared to 24 in 2012 including one aggravated assault, four larcenies, 12 drug /narcotic offenses and two weapon law violations, the report stated.

Halifax had a population of 1,296 last year, according to the report, with an incident rate per 100,000 of 1,466.04.

Adult arrests in the county last year totaled 1,455, and 50 juveniles were arrested. Two adults were charged with kidnapping, eight with sex offenses, six with robbery, 31 with aggravated assault, 148 with simple assault, one with arson, 15 with burglary, 138 with larceny, three with motor vehicle theft, seven with counterfeiting/forgery, four with fraud, six with embezzlement, three with stolen property, 22 with vandalism, 247 with drug/narcotic offenses and 21 with weapon law violations.

A total of five adults were charged with writing bad checks, 14 with disorderly conduct, 136 with driving under the influence, 155 with drunkenness, seven with liquor law violations, 28 with trespassing, and 447 adults were arrested on other charges.

In the county 50 juveniles faced charges including two charged with forcible sex offenses, one charged with robbery, 11 with simple assault, 12 with larceny, one with motor vehicle theft, eight with drug/narcotic offenses, one with weapon law violations, two with disorderly conduct, one with drunkenness, one with liquor law violations, two with trespassing and eight other charges, the report stated.

Halifax County followed a state trend with Virginia experiencing a decline in violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

Property crime such as burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft also continued to decrease from the previous year statewide.

The homicide rate remained the same statewide, but motor vehicle thefts and attempted thefts decreased also.

Drug and narcotic offenses have increased across the state along with reports of fraud. 

A total of 123 hate crimes were reported statewide in 2013 with nearly two-thirds (61 percent) being racially or ethnically motivated. Bias toward religion was next highest at 24 percent, while bias toward sexual orientation comprised 11 percent. The remaining 4 percent reported was attributed to a bias against a victim’s physical or mental disability, according to the annual crime analysis report.