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Firearm charge lodged

A 23-year-old Halifax man is facing a charge a reckless handling of a firearm while hunting according to South Boston Police Department records. 

Nathan Valentino Allen of Mountain Road was charged with the alleged offense Wednesday, and the Danville Police Department served the warrant for Officer T. W. Bush. 

Lottie Wells West, 30, of Bradley Creek Road, Nathalie, faces a charge of larceny for shoplifting. Officer J. B. Throckmorton served the warrant Wednesday, and West was released on summons.  

 Christine Lynn Hall, 46 faces a charge of shoplifting. The alleged  offense occurred Saturday and Sgt. F. Edmunds served the warrant the same day.

 Laura Lynn Fears, 24, faces charges of shoplifting and  obstruction of justice. The alleged offenses occurred Saturday and Sgt. S. Warf served the warrant the same day. 

 Hakeem Patrick, 32, faces a misdemeanor charge of assault of a  family member. The alleged offense occurred Friday and M. Bowen served the warrant Saturday. 

 A 51-year-old Clover man faces a misdemeanor charge of contempt of court and was issued a misdemeanor surety capias, according to Halifax County Sheriff’s records. 

Robert Gene Long, of Green Valley Road was charged with the alleged offense that occurred Wednesday, and Deputy T. H. Clarke served the warrant Friday.