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Man gets 28 years in abduction, rape case

Ronald Lynn Lacks II, a 31-year-old Nathalie man, will serve an effective 28 years in prison for a June 2012 abduction with intent to defile and rape, after Halifax County Circuit Court Judge Joel C. Cunningham reaffirmed a jury’s sentence Tuesday in Halifax County Circuit Court.

A Halifax County Circuit Court jury convicted Lacks of the two offenses, in addition to a misdemeanor offense for assault and battery following a three-day trial last August.

The jury found the defendant not guilty of abducting and assaulting a child who was at the victim’s home at the time of the assault.

Lacks was originally charged with rape, abduction with intent to defile and malicious wounding of the victim in the case, in addition to felony child abuse, abduction and assault and battery of a minor.

The jury recommended an eight-year sentence for the rape, a 20-year sentence for the abduction with intent to defile and 12 months for an assault and battery charge.

Cunningham affirmed the jury’s verdict at trial and continued formal sentencing in the case.

At Tuesday’s sentencing, the commonwealth presented the testimony of the victim and another family member who described the severe and continued trauma the event caused, according to Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tracy Quackenbush Martin.

“The judge stressed his deference to the jury’s sentence and stated that this case was not one which merited changing the jury’s decision,” she said.

“The judge also noted that the great emotional harm to the victim and the family would likely leave lasting scars.

“Pursuant to statute, the court imposed an additional suspended sentence of 40 years after Lacks’ release from incarceration.”

The charges involving a minor stemmed from the victim’s child being present in the home at the time of the offense.

At the conclusion of the evidence, Judge Joel Cunningham dismissed one charge of child neglect and reduced a charge of unlawful wounding of the victim to a charge of assault and battery.

The jury was charged with determining guilt or innocence involving charges of assault and battery of the victim, rape and abduction with intent to defile, in addition to two additional charges for abduction and assault and battery of the victim’s child.

Martin added the commonwealth was pleased with the outcome of this sentencing event, along with those for Girard Carlos Turner Jr. and Ticey Lee Thompson, who were also formally sentenced on Tuesday.

“Most telling was the impact of presenting the victims to testify about the lasting effects of each crime on their lives,” she said.

“I am a believer that the quality of our criminal justice system depends on just this type of thorough preparation and presentation of evidence to our judges and juries.”

The crimes for which Lacks was convicted stem from an incident that occurred on June 30, 2012.


Other court cases

Charles Edward Claiborne, 51, of South Boston was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison for possession of a firearm as a non-violent felon and a 12-month suspended jail term for pointing or brandishing a firearm.

The court ordered the suspended portion of Claiborne’s sentence be conditioned on his good behavior for two years upon his release and ordered him placed on probation for one year, also upon his release.

 Bobbie Jo Conner, 27, of Halifax will serve three years and five months in prison for enhanced petty larceny, the rest of her five-year term suspended.

The court ordered the suspended portion of Conner’s sentence be conditioned on her good behavior for five years, beginning immediately, and it ordered her placed on probation for two years upon her release.

The court also revoked six months of Conner’s previously suspended jail term for a probation violation, with all time to run consecutively and with Conner receiving credit for time served.

In addition, the court ordered the defendant to pay $20 restitution to Apple Market and to stay away from all Apple Markets.

 Willie Anderson Cullop, 52, of Long Island, was sentenced Tuesday to 12 months in jail for a subsequent offense of operating a motor vehicle or self-propelled machinery or equipment on the highway after having been judged an habitual offender, with work release authorized.

The court also sentenced Cullop to a 10-day suspended jail term for contempt of court.

A Halifax County Circuit Court jury had convicted Cullop of the driving offense after a trial in December, with the court affirming the jury’s verdict on Tuesday.

 Maurice Anton Davis, 32, of Midlothian, was sentenced Tuesday to five years each in prison for four charges of felony embezzlement from Huddle House, with all time suspended conditioned on Davis’ good behavior for 20 years.

The court ordered Davis be placed on probation for one year and pay the remainder of his restitution, now $2,264.68, at a rate of $100 per month until paid in full.

The court also ordered Davis not to return to Huddle House.

An additional charge against Davis for contempt of court was dismissed on Tuesday.

 Arielle Laquita Johnson, 24, of South Boston had the court vacate its finding of guilt Tuesday of a felony charge against her for marijuana distribution.

The court took the case under advisement for 12 months, ordering the defendant placed under supervision of Halifax-Pittsylvania Court Services and to be of good behavior for 12 months.

The court ordered Johnson to abstain from illegal drugs and alcohol; submit to random drug and alcohol tests; be evaluated for and be treated for substance abuse; seek employment; and perform 100 hours of community service.

In addition, the court ordered Johnson to pay $100 restitution to Virginia State Police, and it suspended her operator’s license for six months.

 Walter Floyd Lawson Jr., 39, of South Boston had charges against him for conspiracy to commit grand larceny and grand larceny dismissed Tuesday upon full payment of restitution, in a review case.

 Jennifer Darlene Martin, 29, of Alton was convicted Tuesday of a probation violation.

The court revoked three months of Martin’s previously suspended jail term.

 Bobby Lee Mullins, 73, of Virgilina was sentenced Tuesday to a five-year suspended prison sentence for distribution of marijuana.

The court ordered the suspended sentence be conditioned on Mullins’ good behavior for five years, beginning immediately. 

The court also ordered the defendant to pay $260 restitution to Virginia State Police BCI Fund and suspended his operator’s license for six months.