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Halifax man pleads to drug charges

A 28-year-old Halifax man, Brian Lamar Tucker, received an effective sentence of one year and three months in prison for possession of cocaine after entering guilty pleas to six charges in Halifax County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

Tucker pleaded guilty to one count for possession of cocaine and three counts for distribution of cocaine, in addition to pleading guilty to a pair of probation violation charges.

In exchange for Tucker’s guilty plea, the commonwealth moved to nol pros eight distribution charges and one distribution conspiracy charge against the defendant, along with charges for possession of a firearm as a non-violent convicted felon and possessing a firearm while selling cocaine.

Pursuant to a plea agreement with the commonwealth, the court sentenced the defendant to five years each in prison for the cocaine charges, with all time suspended but one year and three months in prison for the cocaine possession conviction, with credit for time served.

The court ordered the suspended portion of Tucker’s sentence be conditioned on his good behavior for 30 years and ordered him placed on probation for six months with the condition it “be suspended for a period of two years, provided that within 30 days from the date of the plea agreement the defendant has established and maintained a residence outside of Virginia for a period of two years,” according to court records.

The court ordered Tucker’s operator’s license be suspended for a total of 24 months, and it revoked Tucker’s previously suspended time for the two probation violations but ordered no new jail time.


Other court cases

Brooke Francisco Jennings, 37, of Halifax pleaded guilty Wednesday to three charges for petty larceny from Gloster Furniture.

Pursuant to a plea agreement with the commonwealth, the defendant will serve an effective three-week jail term, with the remainder of her 36-month jail term suspended, conditioned on her good behavior for 12 months.

The court authorized weekend jail service for Jennings, ordered her to complete 100 hours of community service within 12 months and ordered her to submit a written apology to Gloster Furniture within 12 months.

 Farmville attorney James E. Ghee Jr. (no DOB) had a pair of charges against him for contempt of court dismissed on Wednesday.

 John Leundra Suitt, 40, of Halifax was sentenced Wednesday to an effective four months in jail for forgery of a public record, with the remainder of the 12-month sentence suspended. 

The court dismissed another charge against the defendant during the sentencing hearing, one for failing to appear in court.