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Two races down to the wire in Halifax County

The old saying "every vote counts" rings true for two local races in Halifax County.

Two hopefuls for school board are tied and the margin for victory in one race for board of supervisors came down to four votes with provisional votes remaining to be counted Wednesday


Supervisors elections

In Election District-3, supervisor newcomer Earl Womack unofficially beat out two challengers, Norman Ray Owen and Arthur W. Reynolds Sr., to gain the seat on the board currently held by William I. Fitzgerald.

Womack received 464 votes to Owens’ 460 votes and Reynolds’ 311 votes with provisional votes to be counted on Wednesday.

In the Meadville precinct, Womack received 132 votes compared to Owens’ 32 and Reynolds’ 59 votes.

In the Vernon Hill precinct, Womack garnered 82 votes, while Owens received 203 and Reynolds got 50 votes.

In the Sinai precinct, Womack received 238 votes, and Owens garnered 207 votes, while Reynolds received 190 votes.

Absentee ballots included 12 for Womack, 12 for Reynolds and 18 for Owen.

In Election District-6, newcomer Larry Giordano bested challenger John Voss for the seat currently filled by E. Wayne Conner.

Giordano garnered 849 votes to Voss’ 477 votes.

In a precinct by precinct breakdown, Giordano received 93 votes to Voss’ 109 votes in the Union precinct; he got 274 votes in Black Walnut precinct compared to Voss’ 158 votes; and in Mt. Carmel precinct, Giordano received 451 votes to Voss’ 188 votes.

Absentee ballots included 31 for Giordano and 22 for Voss.

Election District-2 incumbent supervisor and Board Chairman Tom West ran unopposed in his bid for a sixth term on the Halifax County Board of Supervisors. He was first elected to serve on the board in 1994.

The veteran supervisor received 867 votes of confidence in Tuesday’s election. 

West received 267 votes in the Clays Mill precinct, 237 votes in the Cross Roads precinct and 343 votes in the Clover precinct.

He also received 20 absentee ballot votes.


School board elections

In the school board races in ED-2, ED-3 and ED-6, voters elected incumbents Karen Hopkins and Kim Farson, while incumbent Fay Satterfield and newcomer Rita Best were deadlocked 686 votes apiece at press time Tuesday night with provisional votes remaining to be counted on Wednesday, according to County Registrar Judy Meeler. 

Two political newcomers in ED-2, Pattie “Lisa” Hatcher and Ida Terry, unsuccessfully vied for the seat held for the past four years by Karen Hopkins who won her second term on the board in Tuesday’s election. 

Hopkins received 569 votes defeating Hatcher who garnered 229 and Terry who received 305.

In a precinct by precinct breakdown of votes:

Hopkins received 170 in the Clays Mill precinct, compared to Hatcher’s 90 votes and Terry’s 64.

In Cross Roads, Hopkins garnered 176 votes, while Hatcher received 47 and Terry 70.

In Clover precinct, Hopkins brought in 216 votes, compared to Hatcher’s 80 and Terry’s 168.

Absentee ballots saw Hopkins garner 7 votes, Hatcher 12 votes and Terry 3 votes.

In Election District-3, incumbent Kim Farson ran unopposed for her second term on the county school board.

She received 848 votes of confidence in Tuesday’s election including 131 votes in Meadville precinct, 263 votes in Vernon Hill and 421 votes in the Sinai precinct.

Farson also received 33 absentee votes.

In Election District-6, a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of votes indicates Satterfield garnered 106 votes in the Union precinct to Best’s 105 votes. In the Black Walnut precinct, Satterfield received 253 votes, and Best got 197 votes, and in the Mt. Carmel precinct, Satterfield took 303 votes compared to Best’s 358 votes. 

In central absentee votes, Satterfield gained 24 votes compared to Best’s 26 to put the two candidates in a dead even tie as of press time Tuesday. 


Town contests

In the Town of South Boston, Mayor Edward “Ed” Owens ran unopposed for the seat he has held since February when he was appointed Interim Mayor to fill the seat vacated by the death of Carroll Thackston.

Owens received 1,756 votes of confidence on Tuesday.

Margaret D. Fountain-Coleman defeated Jim Debiec for the South Boston Town Council seat currently held by interim Councilman Morris Bryant who was selected to fill the seat vacated by the relocation of Connie Manning.

Coleman received 952 votes, and Debiec garnered 852 votes.

In a precinct-by-precinct breakdown, Coleman received 88 votes in Sinai compared to 14 for Debiec. 

In Center Coleman garnered 107 votes to Debiec’s 254 votes. 

In South Boston East precinct, Coleman got 328 votes compared to 165 for Debeiec.

In South Boston West, Coleman received 245 votes compared to 106 for Debiec.

Absentee ballots saw Coleman garner 24 votes to Debiec’s 44 votes. 

In the Town of Halifax, Janice Powell ran unopposed for the Ward A seat garnering 63 votes including 58 in Courthouse precinct and 5 absentee votes. Kristy Johnson ran unopposed for the Ward D seat on council getting 163 votes including 98 in Courthouse precinct and 62 for Center precinct and 3 absentee votes.