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SoBo Residents Appear Before ‘Judge Joe Brown’

Two South Boston residents, 25-year-old LaKesha Jackson and her cousin-in-law Darrell Chandler, 23, of Ash Avenue, are scheduled to be the first case to appear on “Judge Joe Brown” this morning.

According to the “Judge Joe Brown” Web site, a bride says she found out her brand new cousin-in-law from South Boston was not the professional photographer he claimed when she saw the video of their wedding he delivered.

When contacted earlier this week, Chandler said he and Jackson were selected after Jackson submitted her case for review by the show’s producers.

Chandler said Jackson had filed a civil suit again him in a local court but dropped it once he and Jackson agreed to go on the show. Judge Brown’s verdict became final.

“Once you agree to go on ‘Judge Joe Brown,’ you can’t appeal it,” he said quickly adding, “they make it worth your while though.”

Chandler said he flew out to California in July when the show was taped.

“It was the same time Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died,” he said, noting that he was put up in a hotel on the Hollywood Strip and had a bird’s eye view of all of the people who were in California due to the stars’ passings.

“We went out there and had a good time,” he said of the “Judge Joe Brown” experience.

As for the actual court appearance, Chandler said, “Everything was staged and rehearsed. It didn’t matter who won or who lost, they tell you just put on a performance for the rating.”

He explained the show paid for a three-day and two-night vacation in Hollywood complete with spending money and cab fare, all for working two hours.

“It’s just like a big play,” he said, adding the plaintiffs and defendants are giving instructions on how to perform and encouraged to “put on a show.”

“They only keep the most embarrassing stuff,” he said noting the regular courtroom formalities are usually edited out.

When asked why he agreed to put himself through a public trial for all the world to view, Chandler said, “I wanted to go on a free vacation.”

When asked to divulge the outcome of the verdict, he said, “You’ll have to watch it tomorrow to see,” adding that was one of two stipulations he agreed to before appearing on the show.

“You can’t tell the outcome, and you can’t appear on another similar show for one year,” he said.

Despite their performances, Chandler said he and Jackson and the rest of their family members all continue to “get along.”

“It’s just for show,” he added.

According to Christine Guederian, press contact for the “Judge Joe Brown” show aired weekdays on ABC at 10 a.m., Jackson sued Chandler for $486, the amount the plaintiff claims Chandler owed for failing to provide quality photography and video services for the plaintiff’s wedding.

The defendant says he did his best under the conditions, Guederian said, noting Chandler offered Jackson $40 and gave her a bonus slide show picture video.
Chandler admitted his camcorder broke the day of the wedding, but said this week Jackson had a beautiful wedding.

Judge Joe Brown airs on WSET 13 at 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

This episode will air at 10 a.m., according to Guederian.

“Judge Joe Brown,” the top-rated half-hour syndicated, reality courtroom series entered its 12th season on Monday, Sept. 14.