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After Storm, Officials Say ‘Bear With Us’

Slow but steady is how South Boston Director of Public Works Alan Auld described the extensive cleanup effort going on around town.

“There’s a lot down,” Auld explained.  “But it’s moving right along.  We’re using everybody we can spare.”

However, the cleanup is going to take a while, and Auld asked town residents to be patient and “bear with us.”

One of the hardest hit areas was Oak Ridge Cemetery.

“We had some major old trees come down,” Auld said.  “We’ve been phenomenally lucky so far, nothing’s seriously broken.” 

According to Auld, a local monument company helped move some items, some dating back to the 1800s. 

As for paying for the cleanup effort, the town will pay for the brunt of it, Auld explained.

“We have insurance that will cover part of it,” Auld said, noting the town will pay for all the manpower.  And because the storm was not a natural disaster, there won’t be any help from state or federal government.

Auld praised the work of the town’s staff that has been working diligently to get everything cleaned up and back to normal.

“They are the unsung heroes of all these messes,” Auld said.  “They just do it without being asked.”

Auld is asking citizens to bring their downed brush to the front curb, and the public works department will pick it up and grind it.

“Bear with us on time,” Auld said, noting it may take about two weeks to dispose of everything.  “We’ll be more than happy to grind it up and haul it.”

Addressing the storm, Auld said, “It was a unique storm.  It was pushing a lot of wind ahead of it.”

The cost for all the town’s cleanup efforts is still estimated at roughly $60,000, but Auld said he would know more after the weekend when much of the downed brush from residents’ backyards is brought out.