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Halifax County residents dine with congressman

Halifax County citizens, businessmen and women came to Ernie’s Wednesday to have lunch and conversation with 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt.

Hurt’s visit to the county Wednesday was part of his week-long tour throughout the 5th District.

The congressman eagerly made his way around the room talking with the 30-40 people before telling them what’s making news in Washington.

He thanked everyone for
attending the roundtable discussion telling them how much of an honor it was to represent the 5th district in Washington, even though he added, “Washington is not the most enjoyable place to be.”

He touched on economic challenges the country continues to face and said the good news is the debate has changed from how much will be spent and how much will be cut, to how much we all will be affected by a balanced budget but will be better off in the long run.

Following his remarks, Hurt opened the floor up for questions but first he shared his personal experience he had in Washington this week when honoring World War II veteran William Snead.

“Nothing made me prouder to represent the 5th District, than for this great man to be honored, from the generation of the depression.  We met for the first time in Washington when he was honored by the French government with the French Legion of Honor for the invasion of Normandy.  Those times mark men and women of courage, sacrifice and humility, and those in Washington could learn something of that,” said Hurt.

Congressman Hurt then presented Snead with an American flag flown over the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Snead addressed the crowd after receiving a standing ovation Wednesday afternoon.

“There’s no greater place on Earth,” as he held the American flag up to the crowd. “When I was young I was a member of a Methodist church, and the pastor gave a sermon on fishers of men, and that touched my soul, and I took that with me to the war (along with a Bible). We live in a blessed nation, I’m so proud to be an American,” added Snead.

With only a couple minutes left to answer questions, Hurt took a few from the crowd — one about farming and regulations, one regarding House and Senate operations, one about SOPA, and one from Southern Virginia Higher Education Center Executive Director Dr. Betty Adams regarding the gap in funds for skills programs.

Adams thanked Hurt and his team for their service and quick responses.

“Due to lack of funds those programs are going to become increasingly under fire,” said Hurt in response to Adam’s question.

“We have the equipment and human capital we just need the funding,” she told the congressman.

“Thank you for what you do,” Hurt told Adams.

In closing, the congressman invited everyone to stop by his office in Washington.

“It is a great honor to serve you, and we love visitors from home,” Hurt said.