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Tuesday Woman’s Club special project provides residents a lifesaving service

For the past 35 years, dialysis patients in South Boston have not had to travel far from home to receive this lifesaving service, thanks to the efforts of the Tuesday Woman’s Club of South Boston.

It was in 1977 when the Tuesday Woman’s Club of South Boston began searching for a worthwhile community project. After much research and confirming that patients were traveling as much as 85-100 miles each way for each session three times a week, club members deemed this project most beneficial to the community.

The group’s final decision was to work toward establishing a satellite dialysis facility for South Boston, Halifax County and the surrounding area.

And from that moment on, the ball began to roll.

The Danville Urology Clinic was the first contact for information and guidance; namely Dr. Ralph Landes, Dr. Jack Hall and Dr. James Starling, all who seemed pleased with the idea and its real need.

During this in-depth discussion, the doctors related the many rules, regulations and mandates the government required, all of which would first need to be approved by South Boston City Council, county, district and state governments.

The first mandate was that a dialysis clinic could not be placed within 50 miles of another unless in a metropolitan area, positive proof of the need and also the number of prospective patients needing this service.

As the meeting continued, the doctors, in unison, agreed they would be happy to support the idea and would apply for application, stating it might be weeks or months before anything concrete would be forthcoming; adding an “if” approved.

The club chairman would, on her own endeavor, be responsible for the execution of all remaining rules, regulations and mandates as required by the government.

Approximately eight weeks later, a call from the Danville Urology Clinic related the good news. The South Boston satellite dialysis facility had been approved with two remaining requests, which were a written resolution indicating positive proof of the establishment as well as an aerial picture of the site.

On Aug. 19, 1979 a formal ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the site of the previously approved location to view and mark the official opening. In attendance were Dr. Landes (deceased), Dr. Hall (deceased) and Dr. James Starling (retired), local residents, town and county officials and 15 dialysis patients in line waiting for their scheduled set-ups, all flanked by the Tuesday Woman’s Club members.

All in attendance enjoyed a reception with refreshments and cold drinks on the very hot August afternoon.

Due to its outgrowth and increased number of patients needing this lifesaving service, the South Boston Dialysis Facility moved into their new home at 2045 Hamilton Boulevard where 99 plus patients are dialyzed in three-hour sessions, three times each week.

The dialysis facility’s third home welcomes its guests and patients with an easily accessible entrance leading up to a covered portico complimented by an arched roof supported by a brick retaining wall on each side where two sets of extra wide automatic doors face the appointment desk.

To the right is a waiting room for dialysis patients and family members, which has an adjacent room for patients being dialyzed. The waiting room on the left accommodates patients for pre-scheduled doctors’ appointments with adjacent rooms for doctors’ private examination rooms, consultations and business offices.

The entire facility is under the watchful eyes of nephrologists Dr. Michael R. Fredericks, Dr. Amar A. Parikh and urologist Dr. Joseph M. Carbone and Supervisor Beverly C. Clark who monitors each patient throughout their three-hour sessions.

This was truly a challenge and a dream fulfilled with no regrets, Tuesday Woman’s Club members agreed.

Last but not least, the residents of South Boston and Halifax County would like to express their sincere appreciation to the Danville Urologic Facility and personnel for its continued support.

The Tuesday Woman’s Club could not have done it without their support and expertise.

This story was submitted by the Tuesday Woman’s Club.