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Teen admits to killing father in Halifax County slaying

The 15-year-old juvenile charged along with two adults in the death of South Boston resident Eric Wynn admitted to sheriff’s investigators earlier this week that he shot Wynn as he was sleeping on a couch sometime during the night of April 10/11, according to a search warrant filed in Halifax County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

The affidavit in the warrant states that the teen told investigators Eric and Connie Wynn (Eric’s wife) had an argument that night. Connie woke the juvenile who got a gun and went downstairs where Eric was sleeping on the couch.

The teen described how he shot Eric, and then how Connie called Debbie Scribner, Eric Wynn’s mother-in-law, who came to the High Point Road residence and helped put Eric’s body in the well at the residence, the investigator said in his affidavit.
The affidavit also states the teen, Connie Wynn and Scribner had talked in the past about shooting Eric Wynn and throwing him in the well.

Halifax County Sheriff’s deputies located the body of Eric Wynn at the bottom of a 42-foot well Monday on property owned by Eric Wynn at 1089 High Point Road, South Boston.

Wynn’s brother, Kevin Wynn, had contacted the sheriff’s office Friday reporting he had not been able to contact his brother in approximately three weeks.

Kevin Wynn reported to sheriff’s investigators he had gone to his brother’s residence at 1089 High Point Road and saw what he believed to be blood on the well cap located in the well house, the search warrant says.

Investigators questioned Connie Wynn at the residence at 1332 Moore Street where she said she and her four children had been living with an adult male, David Perkins, with whom she stated she had a romantic relationship, according to the search warrant.

Connie Wynn told investigators she and Eric Wynn had fought the night of April 10 and possibly into the morning of April 11, and [the 15-year-old juvenile] got involved in the fight, the search warrant states.

Connie Wynn stated that Eric Wynn left the residence that morning when he was picked up by someone driving a truck, and she further stated she had not seen or heard from Eric Wynn since he left, according to the search warrant.

Connie Wynn also gave investigators permission to search and inspect the property at 1089 High Point Road, the search warrant states.

The investigator states in his affidavit in the search warrant that both Kevin Wynn and Connie Wynn told him that Eric Wynn had previously engaged in domestic abuse against Connie Wynn, and the investigator said he confirmed those statements by a review of calls to the residence.

The investigator says in his affidavit Kevin Wynn told him that Eric Wynn told him he had found a loaded pistol in the room of the 15-year-old juvenile. The investigator also says Kevin Wynn had told him that when Eric Wynn asked the teen why he had the pistol he responded, “to protect the family.”

The investigator concludes his affidavit saying Kevin Wynn told him the 15-year-old has in the past asked for his help to combat and stop Eric Wynn’s domestic violence.

On Monday, divers from the Virginia State Dive Team sent a camera into the well and located a human foot on the camera screen. The body was removed from the well and sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Office, which notified authorities Tuesday the cause of death was a gunshot to the head.

Police executed a search warrant at the residence at 1089 High Point Road Monday and found a number of handguns, rifles, shotguns and black powder firearms, red stains, a broken wooden ladder with red stain, a blanket, a rug, fire debris, a soil sample, cartridge cases and miscellaneous documents, in addition to Eric Wynn’s body.

Police seized additional firearms, along with ammunition, a thermal t-shirt and blood stains, when they executed a second search warrant at 1332 Moore Street Monday evening.

Deputies arrested the 15-year-old juvenile, Connie Gayle Wynn and Debra Scribner Monday, charging each with premeditated first-degree murder and conspiring to murder Eric Wynn in the first degree.  

Connie Wynn and Scribner are currently being held in the Halifax County Adult Detention Center, and the juvenile is at W.W. Moore Detention Center in Danville.

According to court documents, Scribner was arraigned Wednesday in General District Court on two charges, first-degree murder of Eric Eugene Winn and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Attorney Elmer Woodard of Danville has been appointed to represent Scribner who was deemed indigent at her arraignment.