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Day dreamed it — then she made it happen

Crystal Day is an actress/singer/songwriter. As a matter of fact, this ambitious and talented young woman has a lot of slashes on her resume.

As an actress slash singer slash songwriter, she’s had parts in movies slash TV shows slash theater productions slash web series slash music videos; her musical genres include country slash pop infused with Latin slash rap slash rock, which she both writes slash performs.

Day was destined to be an entertainer. She first knew she wanted to sing at the age of four, when she performed for her grandmother during a visit in a local nursing home. She went on to do local theater and singing engagements, before widening her horizons.

At the age of 13, Day entered a studio in Nashville, Tenn., and recorded her first CD, “Anything Can Happen.”

She performed along the East Coast at various events throughout her teenage years, including the N.C. State and Virginia Fairs, NASCAR Speedways, and she even ventured out to Los Angeles to perform at Universal Studios for the World Championships of Performing Arts, which garnered her a spot as the youngest performer at the Amsterdam Music Festival, for which she was invited back for the next three years.

Day graduated Halifax County High School in 2004, and at the age of 17, moved to Los Angeles, where she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

While still writing and performing music, she also earned parts in several movies, “mostly small independents,” said Day.

She had parts on “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and had the lead role in “The Passing,” a horror film featuring character actor Paul Gleason, who is best known for his role as the non-nonsense principal, Richard Vernon, in “The Breakfast Club.”

Day also wrote and performed two songs that were featured on the soundtrack to “The Passing.”

Being both smart and ambitious, Day also interned at an agency and production company to better learn the business, and for the past two years has been working diligently on honing her craft as a musician.

During a telephone interview from her parents’ home in South Boston, Day said she enjoys acting, but her passion is with her music.

“Acting is a fun, creative outlet for me, but music is in my heart,” she said.

Her latest endeavor is a new CD, entitled “Forbidden,” which will be released to iTunes at the end of January.

The album has 12 tracks, all co-written by Day, and produced, engineered and mixed with Jorge Costa.

On her website, Day calls Costa her musical soul mate.

“When we met, there was this instant understanding. We immediately knew we had a special connection and wanted to start working together as soon as possible.”

Although Day started out singing country music, the music on her new album is pop.

“When Jorge and I started writing for this album, everything just unfolded naturally. He is Latin. He had been working with Timbaland (a prominent rapper and producer who has collaborated with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Chris Cornell, Missy Elliott, Katy Perry), and with Danja (who has produced a wide catalog of songs for artists such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Pink, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake), and so these influences came out when we got together.”

Getting “Forbidden” out has been a long, slow process. After joining forces with Costa, the pair “wrote and wrote and wrote,” according to Day. “We recorded about 20 demos, then went back and picked the 12 best songs for the new album,” she said.

“We began laying the tracks about a year ago,” she said. “All 12 songs are different, but all the songs on this album are fun. They make you want to dance, they make you kind of happy.”

Day is extremely enthusiastic about the musicians on the CD, whom she calls amazing.

“The guitarist is Johann Frank; he is phenomenal,” she said.

According to Frank’s MySpace page, he was discovered by Phil Collins at age 14, and has played with Phil Collins, Philip Bailey, Steve Winwood and many more.

“The male vocalist on the single ‘Craving For You’ is an up-and-coming rapper from Virginia Beach, Cali Styles,” Day said. “He’s great. And although we’ve never met, we have that ‘Virginia’ connection!”

Day feels like she is living her dream these days.

“I’ve been slowly progressing the last two years,” she said. “I’ve been taking songwriting classes and learning a whole lot about music. The recording process has taught me a lot. Before, all I knew was the singing part of music.”

In July 2010 an entry in Crystal’s blog read … “Have been looking at spaces to start rehearsing for upcoming gigs. After two years of writing, one year of recording, the product is finally done, and now it’s time for some real fun - Shows!!! I’m sooo stoked about rehearsing my songs from the album!! Can’t wait for the band to come together and get this show on the road!”

A CD release party was held in early December at the famed Viper Room on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, a club that originally was opened and co-owned by actor Johnny Depp.

“There were some industry people there, and I was so nervous that evening,” Day said, “but we had a packed house, and it was super fun. And I can’t say enough about my new band, they are just awesome musicians.”

The band has come together, the CD is done and almost ready for release, and the show is ready for the road.
Crystal Day dreamed it, and she made it happen.

Day is the daughter of Mason Jr. and Dorothy Day of South Boston.

For more information and to listen to three of the tracks from “Forbidden,” visit