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Halifax County High School honors veterans

It’s a message often repeated and with good reason on Veterans Day — remember and honor those who in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice to allow Americans the freedom they now enjoy.

On Thursday, Before an audience including students and a large group of veterans, guest speaker Walter C. Potts Jr., Halifax County School Board Chairman, expressed his desire that Veterans Day be remembered year-round, not just on Nov. 11.

Citing information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau and United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Potts said currently, 9.2 million veterans are over the age of 65, and 1.9 million are under the age of 35.  A total of 1.8 million veterans are women.

A total of 7.8 million veterans serve during the Vietnam War era (1964-1975), which represents 33 percent of all living veterans.

A total of 5.2 million veterans served during the Gulf War (Aug. 2-present), 2.8 million veterans served during the Korean War (1950-1953), 2.6 million served during World War II (1942-1945), and 6 million veterans served in peacetime.

Potts said everyone needs to understand that veterans and their families have given their time and in some cases their lives to protect out freedoms, and part of that understanding comes from reading the Constitution, which spells out the liberties we now enjoy.

Every citizen, including young people, needs to ensure veterans are provided medical treatment and other benefits they have earned in service to the nation.

An individual may think he isn’t affected, but that veteran may be his relative or someone close, Potts reminded his audience.

“We need to make sure we take care of the people who have taken care of us,” he said.