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Convergence Art Guild to feature works of Bob Cage

The Convergence Art Guild will be opening a major exhibition of the work of well-known local artist Bob Cage on Saturday, Aug. 28, according to Ron Miller, Convergence Art Guild president.

“Cage began his 45-year career as a tobacco auctioneer following World War II, after trying everything from life guarding, bar tending and working as an assistant manager in the Beverly Hills Hotel,” Miller said. “But art has been part of his life no matter what career he may have been following.”

Cage has no formal training in sculpture or painting, only years of practical experience, study and dedication. “I do it because I have to do it,” the artist explained. “But it is not complete unless someone responds. If my work gives others pleasure, that is an extra bonus. Nothing is worth much if you can’t share it.”

Cage is perhaps best known for his sculptures that grace numerous locations around South Boston and Halifax, in addition to his remarkable Sculpture Farm. Cage considers sculpture to be the easiest medium in which he works. He said his goal is “to invest metal with poetry, resurrect it and give it new life.”

He also said he appreciates the immediacy of sculpture. Working in iron and steel is “more spontaneous,” he said. “You can make a quicker statement with steel,” he added.

But Cage also is an accomplished painter, and the Guild show will be focusing on that aspect of his art, Miller said. Painting, however, does not come as easily for the artist. “I struggle with them,” he said. “I do a painting, think I like it, put it in my bedroom, and after a while I decide I can’t stand the thing.” But Cage frugally never throws a canvas away. He just paints over it, Miller said.

The show at the Convergence Art Guild, which will run for a month, will be the largest exhibition of Cage’s work to date in this area. The show will open Saturday with a reception, Miller said.

The Convergence Art Guild is located at 99 South Main St. in Halifax with hours noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Monday.