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Halifax County School Board Honors 52 Retirees

“To try to estimate the years of service and dedication to the children of Halifax County by this group of individuals would be impossible,” said Deputy Superintendent of Schools Larry Clark at the reception for the school system’s 52 retirees Monday afternoon at Halifax County Middle School.

“But I would like to express on behalf of the board, the superintendent and the central staff and all of us associated with this school system our sincere appreciation of what you all have done for the children of this community,” Clark said. “We wish you well in your retirement, and we hope as opportunity presents itself that you will come back to see us.”
Clark read the names of those retiring from the school system, and School Board Chairman Walter Potts presented each with a token of the board’s appreciation for their years of dedicated service.

Thirty-seven of the 52 retirees were present at Monday’s reception.

The 2009-2010 school system retirees are Donna A. Adams, HCHS; Margaret K. Anderson, HCMS; Wanda M. Anderson, Clays Mill; Darcy H. Armstrong, Cluster Springs; Robin W. Baskervill, South Boston; Rita W. Best, HCHS; Leni M. Blackwell, HCHS; Bettie H. Blanks, Cluster Springs; Marie L. Chappell, HCHS; Valerie M. Compton, HCMS; Deirdre J. Crews, Cluster Springs; Diane J. Crews, South Boston; Joyce P. Davis, Sydnor Jennings; Rebecca R. Donner, HCHS; Cheryle D. Ferguson, HCHS; Brenda B. Fincher, South Boston; Lillian H. Hardy, HCMS; Susan C. Harris, Sinai; Cynthia O. Haugh, Sinai; Helen H. Holt, Cluster Springs; Leon N. Johnson III, Central Office; Maria Z. Jones, HCHS; Phyllis B. Jones, South Boston; Robert L. Jones, Maintenance; Ellen M. Kent, Central Office; and Linda L. King, Clays Mill.

Also retiring are Anita M. Landoll, HCHS; Blanche M. Logan, Meadville; Rachel R. Long, Cluster Springs; Linda P. Lovelace, Scottsburg; Charles D. Lowery, HCMS; Linder M. Martin, HCHS; Annette W. McAdams, HCMS; Calvin J. Miller, Sydnor Jennings; Dorothy L. Miller, Sydnor Jennings; Nettie B. Moore, HCHS; Beverly S. Murray, Cluster Springs; Catherine C. Noblin, South Boston; Jacqueline A. Owen, HCMS; Susan M. Palmer, HCMS; Kathleen P. Parker, SB/HELC; Paige W. Powell, Clays Mill; Ruby L. Rhew, South Boston; Evelyn D. Ross, Scottsburg; Helen M. Satterfield, HCHS; Sandra O. Simmons, Central Office; Peggy M. Strom, Cluster Springs; Velma K. Talley, South Boston; Pauline S. Vrbanic, HCHS; Ernest E. Vass, STEM; Cynthia C. Wilkerson, HCHS; and Bessie S. Younger, HCHS.