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Goode Joins Constitution Party; Not Quitting GOP

Virgil Goode, a 12-year congressman from Virginia’s 5th District, attended the Constitution Party’s 2010 Spring National Committee meeting in Minneapolis where he was the keynote speaker at the banquet last Friday.

Goode joined the conservative Constitution Party while attending the meeting and paid the party’s $35 membership fee, but he says that doesn’t mean he’s quitting the GOP.

“I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive,” Goode said to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Goode said he has not quit the Republican Party and is current on his membership dues with the Franklin County GOP.

Goode said he shares many positions with the Constitution Party and applauded the resolution passed unanimously by the party’s national committee expressing support for Arizona’s recently enacted legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.

“I hope that the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee follow the lead of the Constitution Party National Committee by adopting a resolution in strong support of the state of Arizona as they fight against the invasion by illegal aliens,” said Goode after the meeting.

Goode showed his solidarity with the Constitution Party by joining the party as a supporting member.

Jim Clymer, Constitution Party national chairman, welcomed Congressman Goode with this statement:

“Congressman Goode has proven he has the mettle to stand true to the Constitution and the principles that serve as its foundation by withstanding the pressures of the establishment party bosses during his 12 years in Congress. I am thrilled that he recognizes the superiority of the Constitution Party platform and has allied himself with us.  His understanding and wisdom, gained by his experience in the “belly of the beast,” will be a great asset to the party as we move forward in our effort to restore the liberties and rights secured by the Constitution. Rights and liberties which the leftists, the neo-cons and various other statists of the two major parties have taken from us.  I know I speak for all in the Constitution Party in giving Congressman Goode a hearty “Welcome aboard!”

The Constitution Party, Goode said, has staked out several positions he thinks are superior to the platform of the national Republican Party which include a resolution praising Arizona for enacting a law that requires police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect might be in the country illegally.

“On some national issues, the Constitution Party is much better than the Republican Party,” he is quoted as saying. “The Constitution Party passed a resolution supporting Arizona’s new policies on illegal immigrants. I have yet to see such a resolution come out of the Republican Party.”

In published reports, Goode said he also prefers the Constitution Party’s stance on trade agreements. The GOP, he noted, is fairly absolute in its support for free-trade agreements. The Constitution Party, meanwhile, supports withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement and other international trade agreements.

Furthermore, the Constitution Party wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and repeal all legislation related to education, as the party believes the federal government lacks the Constitutional jurisdiction to be involved with education.

Goode said he supports the Constitution Party’s views on education, which the national GOP does not.