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Vet Loses License For One Month

Halifax veterinarian Dr. William Will has been fined $5,000, and his license to practice was suspended for two years following an investigation conducted by the Department of Health Professionals (DHP).  Dr. Will had previously waived his right to a formal hearing in the case and voluntarily entered into a Consent Order with the DHP.

Under the terms of that order, Will’s license was suspended for two years, but the group stayed all but 30 days of the suspension on condition of Dr. Will’s payment of the $5,000 fine and meeting other terms laid down by the group.

Reached by phone yesterday, Will said he appreciated all the support he has received from around the area.

“I appreciate all the public support from my clients and people in the Halifax County Humane Society, the Lake County Humane Society, SNAPS in Chase City and the SPCA in Meherrin,” Will said, noting he also appreciated support from northern North Carolina clients.

According to Will, his office will remain open during the suspension period for boarding and grooming services, but not veterinary services. 

Veterinary services will resume on April 5, Will explained.

Will said he can also still sell non-prescription products like flea and tick repellent during the suspension.

Contacted on Monday, Leslie L. Knachel, MPH, executive director of the Board of Veterinary Medicine for the Department of Health Professions, confirmed the order had been handed down last week, and Dr. Will had been notified of the findings.

Last year, a Chase City resident filed a formal complaint against Dr. Will, alleging that when she had taken her dog “Kismet” to Dr. Will in March, he had pulled the dog from her truck by the leash, causing the dog to strike his face on the pavement.  Dr. Will also allegedly shouted obscenities after the dog had soiled his floor, according to the complaint.

The report also alleged Dr. Will diagnosed the animal with the disease, Parvo, without lab tests and that Dr. Will had declined to treat the animal, instead suggesting the dog be put down. 

The report also alleged Dr. Will failed to keep adequate medical records in the case and only reported the dog had been euthanized.

The report added that a previous order had been made in March of last year requiring an unannounced inspection of Dr. Will’s Love Shop Road Clinic within six months. 

During the inspection conducted on July 19 of last year, an inspector found Dr. Will’s surgical suite “unsanitary” and syringes left on counter-tops in the pharmacy and grooming areas, the report stated.

According to the Consent Order released by the DHP, Dr. Will waived his rights to a formal hearing or representation by an attorney and admitted to the findings of the DHP.

In addition to the suspension and monetary fine, the DHP also ordered that after resuming his practice, Dr. Will must undergo four unannounced inspections and pay fees and cost for those inspections. 

Dr. Will also was ordered to hire a veterinary assistant/office manager and must complete 15 credit hours of board approved continuing education credit hours in Practice Management, Customer Relations and Controlling Controlled Drugs in 2010. 

According to Dr. Will, there has been an assistant working at the clinic since October.

In 2011, Dr. Will must complete 10 credit hours of approved continuing education credit hours in the same subjects, the order stated.

The order also provided that Dr. Will must “maintain a course of conduct commensurate with the requirements of Chapter 38, Title 54.1 of the Code and the Regulations.”

The full notice of complaint and Consent Order, as well as previous records, are available for public viewing at the DPH Web site by visiting, clicking on “license lookup” and entering the profession, last name and state.