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South Boston Fire, EMS Answered 1,635 Calls In ’09

The South Boston Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to a total of 1,635 calls in 2009, according to a report furnished by Chief Steve Phillips and Captain Dwight Spangler, who also serves as fire official for the town. The fire and EMS departments responded to 60 total fire calls, including 27 structure fires, 15 vehicle fires and 18 other types of fires last year.

There were a total of 1,338 EMS calls in 2009, 1,188 for medical assistance, 66 for emergency medical services not related to motor vehicle crashes, and 84 for motor vehicle crashes, in an area encompassing not only the town but an area outside the town limits.

January was a record month for his department, according to Phillips, who reported to town council that his department answered 170 calls, 147 for emergency medical services and 23 for fire-related incidents.

The greatest number of EMS calls came on Friday (225), followed by Wednesday (211) and Tuesday (206), with the fewest number of calls coming on Sunday (142).
The fire department responded to a total of 60 fire incidents and 59 other incidents (service calls, good intent calls, searches) during 2009, again with the greatest number of fire incidents occurring on Friday.

EMS currently has 15 members who are trained to respond to emergency medical calls.

South Boston Fire and EMS gave mutual aid to 18 other departments in 2009 and received aid from 12 in 2009, with no fire-related or non-fire related injuries or deaths to civilians or fire service personnel, with a total of 3,237,15 man-hours for all incidents combined, according to the report.

Spangler reported that all mandatory inspections, including those for nursing homes, hospitals and schools, were completed last year.

“We’re having good success in getting violations corrected and getting good cooperation from business owners,” said Spangler, adding he normally gives advance notice of an impending inspection.

That usually prompts increased vigilance and attention prior to an inspection, added Spangler, who performed 49 inspections last year.

All 126 violations have been corrected, noted Spangler, who advocates continued use of surge protectors, among other fire safety measures.