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From Bottles To Roads

Glass – about 10,000 cubic ft. annually – break into dust-size particles up to shard size when crushed at Halifax Paving’s recycling lot in the town.

A heavy bulldozer and a viberatory compactor play roles in the recycling process. “We recycle the glass in stone-based material that is used for filler and road base,” explained Halifax Paving President Jack Dunavant.

The company has been collecting glass at the site from the town and county for about one year, but there are problems.

“The Town of Halifax does a very good job of bringing clean glass,” said Dunavant. “The county is the one that is having trouble because they label the green box for glass, but people put anything in there. We need to get them to do a better job of keeping it clean, or we are going to have to stop accepting the county recycles.”

While labels are no problems on the glass containers, Dunavant said “plastic, window frames and paper” are being tossed into the container. “We have to sort it,” he added. “You have to get compaction with this material, but if you have spongy bio-degradables, plastic and paper particularly, it will not work.”

Dunavant describes himself as “a firm believer in recycling,” and he notes the project is costing him.

“We are not as a society recycling as we should, and everyone should be responsible for their own recycling,” emphasized the businessman. “We ought to be doing everything, with only industrial waste going to the landfill.

“I am a firm believer in recycling. We have spent over $2,000 in grinding that glass, and there is no profit motive.”