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IN THE CARPENTER’S WORKSHOP: Elegy on a church cat

(Roughly to the tune of Gilligan’s Island)


She was a little happy thing when she showed up that day.

All gray and white about six months she chose church as her home.

We didn’t know but soon found out--three kittens coming soon.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not be far behind.


Homes we found for two of them, the other ran away

And had her fixed so that would stop this newfound legacy.

For years we think she was a little tiny bit miffed

But finally forgot, and every single car she sniffed.


In early days the mice and birds were wary of her strike

She often left us presents that we really did not like.

She would walk and stretch as she woke up from a good nap

And up a tree would run for miles before your fingers snap.


She came to church and slept a lot like members do at times.

A member of the AA groups who meet at day and night.

She acted like she didn’t care, but somehow ‘neath that cover

She knew that she had found a home, and there would be no other.


She rarely made a sound as she pretended to meow

The only time she would meow in box on way to vet.

Methinks she thought it too much work to say a single word

But maybe we should follow suit to say what should be heard.


Miss Kitty was a cat -- it was her personality.

She didn’t like for you to pet unless it was her wish.

For if you didn’t pet or scratch in the correct spot

You just might get a scratch or nip before away you got.


Like most felines nine lives she had and used them every one.

She crossed the street, expected cars to stop and let her pass.

If she had to run, she had great speed and every cat in town

Felt her fury if they came into her royal domain.


On Easter day 10 years ago a car the kitty hit.

A busy day it was; I said “God will take care of her.”

“God won’t take her to the vet!” a member quickly said.

She got into her car with her that very moment then.


At Halifax they found out our dear feline was in shock.

She spent two weeks at a member’s home and back she came to us.

She watched her step for years as she crossed the busy streets

And blessed us with her silent words, too much trouble to meow.


We kept her shots all up to date, she had her own two vets.

They wanted us to brush her teeth but that task was all wet.

She had the neighbors trained that she was just their very own

For she was good at finding food and warmth and her warm milk.


I often say she came to church more than members do

Miss Presby an example was of what we’re meant to do.

Some folks of her were scared a bit and we think rightly so.

She wanted things her very own way and only she said no.


From time to time, she would come into the sanctuary

Or take a nap in vestibule on Sunday worship day.

On Easter day she always came for flowering of the cross

And thought that rather than our Lord she was that day the boss.


Presby Cat would sneak inside on cold and frigid nights.

She had a chair she called her own, and it was warm and cozy.

The next morning when we’d arrive she’d amble down the stairs

And slowly say I’m glad you’re here — it’s been a lovely night.


The Domino’s delivery guy told us that she was gone

A car had hit her on a very rainy cloudy day.

But here’s the thing, we looked for her she was no place at all

To heaven she had gone and that’s a mighty fitting end.


We waited weeks, maybe a month, to tell you she was gone.

For every single day we thought that she was coming back.

Now her bowl is gone, and all her treats we gave away.

For blessings past and future will be through some other cat.


We miss Kit Kat and we will make her better than she was

For history is kind that way--remembers all the good.

She thought we knew that we were all her servants and her friends

And she was sure that she was every day completely perfect.


For 18 years, the first cat lived- First Presbyterian Church

And everyone who traveled here she thought she was the reason.

So if you saw her, scratched her head or sport a kitty scar

Remember that God made her too; she was a special cat.


Church cats are found in every town and country of the world

And enter into legend there, their exploits streams of pearls.

But somehow God has let us know that he’s the only one 

To worship and to serve each day we live upon this earth.