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Winter village fills Republican Grove home

Starting 10 years ago, Billy and Dorita Smith have been filling their home with Christmas trinkets to create what they call a winter village.

Located in Republican Grove, the couple sets up the village inside Smith’s office filling most of the downstairs with a few more decorations outside. 

Covering the office are “trees, people, animals, houses, stores, rivers, oceans, etc.” 

The Smiths first began this tradition thinking it would be a fun way to make good conversation, and it all started with just five houses on a table. 

Smith said outside there are “mostly lights, and we do have a horse and buggy and a couple of stars.” 

Usually the couple receives help decorating from different friends and always their nephews, Michael Finley and Steven Rogers. 

The abundance of decorations fills “27 blue storage containers” which Smith said is “more than will fit in the bed of my pick-up at one time. 

 “We pack items up from inside to make room for the decorations and then bring them back in after the village is taken down,” said Smith. 

This year it took the group a little more than five days to get everything laid out. 

Of all the pieces, the river flowing to the ocean is the Smith’s favorite. 

 “It’s our favorite since we go canoeing and kayaking a lot,” said Smith. 

Other favorites include houses that they have designated as being some of their friends. 

 “Mike and Judy Bomar are the cabin in the woods with the lake in front of it, Dickie and Betty Tune are the brick house in front of the fire station, and our house is the farmhouse with the livestock in the pasture just for fun,” said Smith. 

This winter village is kept up through the winter and taken down around the first of March because it’s so much work they prefer to keep it up. 

It also leaves ample time for guests to come visit the home.  

According to Smith, many people come, but they prefer to have advance notice. 

 “Creating this village is really enjoyable because it is very tedious, but it is worth it, because other people really enjoy coming to see it. The neighbor’s children really are thrilled to see all the different things,” said Smith. 

This is one of the many ways the Smiths say they enjoy their favorite holiday, Christmas.  

“What I enjoy most about Christmas is taking time from work to spend time with friends and family,” added Smith.