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God has certainly sent his angels on many missions.  There was that terrible visit to Sodom and Gomorrah where nothing good happened.  People still don’t get that visit, try to explain it away.  Lot, sin, salt, all that.

Then there was the one about Abraham and Sarah.  Now that was a great visit!  God wanted them to tell them that even they were near a hundred years, they were going to have their first baby and would have many more!   Now that was enough to make a person laugh.  And they did.  But it happened.  Just ask a Jew.

Over the many centuries since God had decided to create man, a project which many angels still question as a good idea, they had been sent to Earth many times.  They were dispatched at special moments, at times of God’s choosing, to communicate major plans God had for his people.

Do they listen?  Rarely.  But God keeps on doing good things.  He never stops.

But this one was about to take the cake.  After all the sinning, all the governments and families which had rejected him, even his own people pushing him away, now he was going to send the Son?  “Not a good idea,” thought Apprentice Angel First Class David.  It would never work.

But God insisted.   He sent Gabriel, the big boss, the Archangel,  to talk to Zachariah, a priest of Jerusalem.  Good people, faithful people.  The usual message, a son born in your old age.  Again he did not believe.  God struck him silent for the whole pregnancy.  Ergo, John the Baptist was born.

Then God sent him to Nazareth to talk to a young woman named Mary.  Same message, but a bigger prophecy.  A baby to save her people from their sins.  God the son coming to earth.  A virgin birth.  Still some hesitancy to believe, but Gabriel was good, and, after all, nothing is impossible with God.  Someone should write that down.

Then I had to convince Joseph.  When Joseph heard this Christmas story, he was ready to divorce Mary.   It was a hard sell, but he went ahead and married her.  Probably used carpenter language to convince him.  In any case, he was finally on board.

Of course you know about Bethlehem, and the stable, and the shepherds and the wise men.  Most people know about it even if they think it was just a story.

We had all the choirs out for the big announcement. None bigger. Every angel worth his salt was there, as far as I could count about 674,000, give or take a few.

Glory to God, peace on earth, that kind of thing.

But just like the big guns and whippersnappers we have appeared to before, many did not believe.  Many today honestly think Christmas did not happen.

 We broke Paul and Silas out of prison in Phillippi.  We got Moses to lead his people out of slavery.   We were ready to lift Jesus from the cross, but he stayed and died for all who would believe in him.  

Now he’s back, and are we glad to see him! Many of us didn’t want him to go in the first place.  But God had bigger plans than ours.

So here’s a promise.  If you believe in that baby born in Bethlehem, remember heaven’s parties.  Every time a single person comes to faith, God and all of us angels rejoice and throw a welcome party.

God has an angel assigned to you.  I know people wonder about this, but I know what I’m talking about.  I have 10 on my list.

In fact, you are on my list.  Yes, you, the one reading these words.

They did a fair job in that movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” as far as what they did with angels.  But they did not take it far enough.

This Christmas, I am on assignment to deliver a message to you.  God has told me to use my own words, but it’s his message.

God is.  Christmas is about Jesus, his only Son.  And that journey all the way from heaven? He did it for you.

Don’t do like all those others we appeared to.  Don’t laugh. Don’t hesitate.

Believe.  Believe that the only thing that matters is that God wants to bring you and heaven together today.  

Decorate.  Don’t’ forget the nativity scene.  Hint: angels included.

Shine.  Put all the lights up you can and make sure you are pointing to the light of the world Himself who sits now at the right hand of His Father.

And worship.  Worship every week, every day, every hour, every second the God who gives you a reason for living, who makes your eternity secure. 

Take it from me, David.  I know each one of those who will not believe.  But you.  You are special.  God chose you before you were born to walk with angels.  Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from walking with Jesus every day.