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To serve, protect and care

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office does have a cruiser with pink and lavender graphics, but it is all for a great cause.

The project is called Halifax County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Cares. 

According to Halifax County Sheriff Fred S. Clark, he wanted to show the sheriff’s office truly cares about the community.

“By establishing this project we would like to bring a new meaning to the term ‘Serve and Protect,’ as well as help in the fight against cancer.

“We wanted to show that the sheriff’s office and its deputies are more than just law enforcement. We are here to help build up communities and make it not a only a better place to live, but a safer place,” said Clark.

The project has been a great way to reach out to businesses throughout the area and make great connections, the sheriff said. Clark turned most of the boots to the ground work over to Deputy Dustin K. Francis.

Clark and Francis said they wanted to help bring awareness to the community work the sheriff office does, as well as help raise money for the Halifax County Cancer Association.

“Cancer has impacted most every family in Halifax County, therefore we felt this would be a great opportunity to give back to the community,” said Clark.

The cruiser used for the “Cuffin’ Cancer” project has been retired from service. We wanted to give new life to an old cruiser and create a showpiece to help bring awareness to the Halifax County Cancer Association,” Francis said.

 “Even though the car has pink graphics on it, it’s not just for breast cancer. We chose pink because it is the most recognizable cancer ribbon color,” he added.

Also, the car has lavender graphics on it which represents cancer awareness. The white background is in memory of those who have lost their battle with cancer, added Clark.

All of the work on the cruiser was donated in order to make the project possible. The restoration paint job was donated by Monty Lowery of General Fire Equipment, and the graphics were donated by Mincey’s Graphics.

Unveiling of the “Cuffin’ Cancer” cruiser will be on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the exhibit hall located at the Halifax County Fair. The car will be on display throughout the week during the fair along with a banner donated by Riverview Signs listing all the businesses that helped make the HCSO Cares project possible.

In order to help raise money for the Halifax County Cancer Association, the sheriff’s office will have limited edition shirts and hooded sweatshirts for sale during the fair. Shirts will be $10 each, hooded sweatshirts will be $25 each.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is going to donate all of the proceeds raised to the Halifax County Cancer Association. 

“It’s an awareness and fundraising program that will benefit those throughout Halifax County fighting cancer. In turn the Halifax County Cancer Association will use the monies raised to distribute gas vouchers, as well as assist with other needs of cancer patients,” Clark said.

Numerous local businesses partnered with the sheriff’s office to help purchase the fundraiser items. The following businesses helped make the project possible including Emswiler Auctions, Halifax Pharmacy, Runt’s and Diane’s, Nationwide Insurance, Heritage House, Franklin’s Garage, Charles Anderson Lawn Care Service, Halifax Medical Equipment, Halifax County Veterinary Center, Liberty Mini Mart, Gene’s Orange Market and Bridgeview Carts and Trailers.

 “We really appreciate the businesses partnering with us in order to help promote this great cause,” Clark said.

In addition to the sheriff’s office raising money for the Halifax County Cancer Association, they are partnering with the elementary schools throughout the county in order to help raise money for the cause.

“Money will be collected through the homerooms at each elementary school for two weeks, and the top homeroom at each school will receive a visit from the “Cuffin’ Cancer” cruiser as well as an ice cream party with Sheriff Fred S. Clark,” said Francis. “The ice cream for the winning homerooms will be donated by Pet Dairy.”  

For more information on the “Cuffin’ Cancer” or HCSO Cares projects, contact Crime Prevention Officer Deputy Francis at 434-476-3339.