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One of the greatest failings of Christians is not to realize the wonderful moments and actitivites God has made possible in us, and not to do them.

What if Moses had decided not to part the Red Sea?  Or Paul had decided to shrink from the call to be an apostle to the Gentiles? Or Mary had told the angel no when Jesus’ birth was predicted in her.

Big decisions.    Wide thoughts.  World changing actions.  This is faith in Technicolor, with Dolby sound added on.  

We have the time between now and our death to do the marvelous things God has in mind for us.  Each day which passes is 24 hours less to do God things.

God’s holy spirit lives within all of us and seeks to overflow to others.  Agreeably, sometimes it is in small, sometimes in large ways.  But they must not all be small, or we lose the awe and power of God as he works great things.

Ten gallons of gasoline has immense power.  That energy can be released in an explosion by burning it all at once.   It can also be channeled in a controlled burn through the engine of a Honda Civic to take that vehicle over 500 miles.

God wants both.  God empowers both.  And we are much more comfortable with the controlled burn.

God wants the church to simmer with faith which quietly empowers and learns.  He loves the controlled burn of the Holy Spirit.  

Like a huge airplane which takes tremendous energy to get off the ground, we sometimes spend our time taxiing on the runways of faith.  That is fine, but eventually we must take off.

We must be borne up on wings of eagles.  We must ride on the wind of the Holy Spirit, knowing we will never fall because God takes care of us.

And we must fly.   More importantly, we must be part of the team which makes it possible for others to fly.

Have you ever seen a person in total amazement at what God just did?  Have you seen someone fall to their knees in thanksgiving as they realize how great God is?

When a person finally believes in Jesus Christ as savior, and commits totally to him, the earth moves.  A  new person comes to life.

When Christians give up trying to be in charge or trying to figure out their faith, God takes over.  Black and white faith turns to Technicolor.

Life is such a full and wonderful experience.  We must be ready for the big and spectacular to happen, particularly in moments we don’t expect.

Mel Brooks, a successful actor and movie producer, had this to say about life.  “Look, I don’t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you’re alive you’ve got to flap your arms and legs, you’ve got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you’re not alive.”

Life is indeed the very opposite of death.  He is speaking about life on this earth. And he has certainly followed his own advice in movies like, “The Producers,” “History of the World” and “Blazing Saddles.”

In that last movie, he has cowboys and Indians ride through the movie screen, up the theatre aisles and down the streets of Los Angeles, thereby bringing the experience directly into today’s world.  Movies, especially movies like this, are bigger than life.

So is the Christian faith. The faith which amazes, inspires and works miracles.

Technicolor faith makes people stand there and go, “I don’t believe that just happened!” when they actually do believe it.

Technicolor faith moves mountains, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

Technicolor faith explodes off the page into the midst of life.  There is no limit to results or possibilities.

When the MGM lion roars, and the projector lights up, the movie begins.  Scene after scene unfolds out of the director’s vision and into expectant hearts.

When God says, dream dreams, see vision, think big, he expects the Christians of the current generation to do just that.   And he insures huge results.

Who would have thought, after decades of sending missionaries to Korea from the Unites States, that they would be now sending missionaries to us?  Our society is in desperate need of big faith.

Morality, discipline and vibrant faith are not as evident as they once were.

Our children need for us to step up big.  To explode off the screen in color to inspire the world to believe.

Personal agendas go out the window.  God’s agenda takes center stage.

God is just as powerful as he has always been.  His words create worlds and nation.  His actions save lives and make eternity possible.

Black and white pictures were fine for yesterday.  But we have color now, and God expects us to use it.  He’s been using it since the beginning of time.


Let God develop your spiritual film, however it began its use, into living Technicolor!