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After driving my pickup truck for a number of years with various and sundry items sliding around the bed, I decided to do something about it.

When I went to pick up flowers the other day, I used some of the rope which was left in the back to loop around the containers so they would not slide. It worked, but there was still a better idea.

In each side of the bed off the truck, about a foot from the back on either side, are two large notches about the size of the end of a 2 by 4.  I asked my son to find an old board and cut it to fit, about 63 1/2 inches.

Placing it across that gap finally made the bed usable for small loads like flowers, groceries, and anything else which did not require the whole length of the bed.  The best thing is, the materiel stays right there where it is put, not to mention that it can be accessed from the tailgate when it is up or down.

Fitting the board into those notches is something I have thought about for years.   But not until the other day did that plan go into action.

The question of the day is, where is your board?  Now, I know at least two of you out there may not have a pickup.  But all the rest probably do.  So this question is for most everybody today who sits down on the tailgate to look at the newspaper.

Where is the board that separates you from all those people who just slide around all over the place?  They don’t seem to have any focus.   When life turns one way, they go with it.  When it turns the other way, there is no telling which way they will slide.

The Bible seems like a good fit for those notches.  If applied to the situation, it will be exactly the right size to keep every load organized and accessible.

The construction of the board and what the board conveys certain messages as well.  The board is made of pine or fir, I am not sure which, as it is weathered already from years of use.

It now gives my truck a sense of connection with scripture and faith. See the following  passage.

“The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the juniper, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn my sanctuary; and I will glorify the place for my feet. ~ Isa 60:13

So the wood of the fir was used to build the temple of God in Jerusalem.  Its large trunk could provide boards and timber for doors and beams for roofing the temple. Just look it up.

It also intersects with the music that David played in worship. In 2 Samuel  6:5 we read: “David and all the house of Israel played before Yahweh with all manner of instruments made of fir-wood.”

So, one piece of wood.  One attempt at focus.  And the entire picture changes.

One could attempt to portray the truck as a modern-day Noah’s ark.  But let’s not go there at the moment.  We could also say that is a modern-day conveyance like the donkey which carried the savior Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  We won’t go there, either.

But we can put things in four-wheel drive and make it to the wooden cross at Mt. Calvary, there the vertical and horizontal members of that construction made totally important because Jesus died there.

You see, there is an immense amount of wood in the world.  It can be used for many things, some good, some bad.  Baseball bats, homes, churches, duck calls, desks, newspapers,  and pencils can be made out of wood.

But so can splinters which injure and cause pain.  So can the clubs spiked with nails which injured Jesus.  So can thorns and nettles which injure, some spiked with poison which can kill.  “I would help you, but I can’t,” we say.

But the one board which can cross the pickup truck bed and give focus is the one we must finally bring to the table.   The board which can meet together to help others.  The board of the gospel which makes no one ever bored again.   The invitation is from Jesus which calls “all aboard” the ship of faith and takes us to the other side where wonderful things come to pass.

What is the board in your life which can finally corral things where they should be?  Without sliding all over the cargo area.  Giving direction, hope, even eternal life.

It is the board in the back  of the truck.  Take a look and see if you have one.

Go to church.   Find faith.  Stop trying all those things you used before the cross of Christ, our Lord.  

Anyone can have a truck without a board. But with the board, the impossible happens!