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Mailbag hangs up after 33 years

After 33 years of providing postal service to residents of Halifax County, Buck Fisher of Nathalie has decided it’s time to retire.

The Liberty native worked his last day at the South Boston Post Office on Monday.

“I‘ve worked two jobs my entire life, and I have two grown kids and one grandchild, and I’ve missed a lot working two jobs,” said Fisher who also raises tobacco and beef cattle on his Nathalie farm. 

He said when he first started his career as a postal worker, he never thought he would be working for the postal service as long as he has, “but things just sort of fell in place.

“It was sort of an accident. I took the test and forgot about it. And about a year and a half later, I got a call from Tommy Lacy, the postmaster in Vernon Hill, and he asked me if I wanted a job,” Fisher recalled.

On June 16, 1979 Fisher began as a part-time rural carrier for the Vernon Hill Post Office. He would later come to work at the South Boston Post Office in February 1985 as a part-time city carrier.

In April of 1987, Fisher began working as part-time clerk at the South Boston Post Office until going full-time in 1991.

 “I’ve been here ever since,” Fisher said. “And I’ve worked with some very good people.”

A majority of the customers he has encountered have been pleasant, he added.

“You can’t please everybody, but you try to do the best you can.”

The newly retired postal worker said about 99.9 percent of the time he has enjoyed working with the public, but he also described it as the most challenging part of his job.

“I made a lot of good friends over the years,” Fisher said, and that is what he says he’ll miss the most about leaving his post office job.

What he’ll miss the least is getting up at 4:30 a.m. every morning to go to work.

Fisher said now that he’s retired, he plans to spend more time with his family, especially his grandson. 

He doesn’t have any plans of traveling because he says he is satisfied at home. 

He will continue to work his second job growing tobacco and beef cattle.

Fisher was born Sept. 4, 1951 and has spent his entire life in the Liberty community.

One of six children, he is the only boy. His sisters are Dolly Fallen, Sarah Monroe, Becky Gentry, Gracie Conde and Agnes Morris.

As a child he attended Catawba Elementary School in Nathalie through the sixth grade. He attended Rosa Elementary for the seventh grade after Catawba School was condemned.  Then he attended Halifax County Senior High School where he graduated in 1969.

Upon graduation, Fisher started farming until he began his career at the post office.

On Feb. 12, 1972 Fisher married his wife, Jane Moon Fisher, and together they had two boys, Michael and Mark. 

Michael and his wife have a 6-year-old son, Mason.