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12-12-12: A once in a lifetime day for love

Some speculated it was the ending of the world, while others knew it was just the beginning.

Ashley Francisco and Steven Womack decided to take advantage of Womack’s day off from work to get hitched on the 12th day of the 12th month in the 12th year of the new millennium —12-12-12 — the final triple date sequence possible on the calendar.

The rare numerical lineup provided a unique opportunity to make the day even more memorable for the couple who has been engaged for more than a year.

Even if they didn’t realize its rarity until after they had tied the knot on Wednesday.

 “It was just time,” said the nervous bride Wednesday morning.

Never realizing it was Dec. 12, 2012, the couple brought their family and friends to Halifax County Courthouse to make it official with Circuit Court Clerk Bobby Conner performing the nuptials.

They have been dating since Sept. 9, 2010. After meeting at Womack’s older sister’s house at a birthday party, their love instantly began to grow.

“It was her personality,” said Womack of what attracted him to his new wife.

One evening after she got off from working at CVS Pharmacy, Womack met her and without hesitation got down on one knee with a ring and popped the “forever” question, and Francisco replied with an excited “yes.”

Francisco had originally planned a traditional wedding and had even bought the dress but decided she couldn’t wait. 

12-12-12 was the day.

Womack admitted he didn’t have the first sign of nerves Wednesday morning.

Francisco was beginning to feel the nerves right before the ceremony, although she was upset her father couldn’t attend because he couldn’t get off work.

The couple has a 7-month-old daughter, Emma Grace, who was a special guest at her parents’ wedding Wednesday morning.

When asked what they planned to do for a honeymoon, they both replied, “We’re just going to spend time with our daughter.”

Francisco said it wasn’t hard to decide to marry her beau because “he’s the best man I’ve ever met…and a wonderful father.”

Womack instantly agreed.

The Womacks will reside in Halifax with their daughter.