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Library to hold book sale event in October

With a flock of kids in the library, their answers to questions show excitement and enthusiasm for reading. 

Questions like, “what book would you buy at a book sale?  Would you bring a list of your favorites to a book sale?  What about books on pets or fantasy?”Isabelle Lassiter, a homeschooled seventh grader, said she would buy any horror book like those of Rick Riordan at a book sale.  

Excited and animated, Lassiter added, “I like ‘The Spy Princess’ and James Paterson’s “Witch and Wizard,’” too.”

Faith Stillwell, a fourth grader from Sinai spoke up gently and praised the “Maximum Ride” series, particularly the story about an angel experiment.  Also “Trading Faces,” about twin sisters who get caught up in a crazy mistaken identity crisis.

Her older sister, Emily Stillwell, would buy Harry Potter books at a book sale and mysteries.  

Jacob Conner stationed at one the library computers, added “Goosebumps” to the list and the “Boxcar Children” series.  “Many bob” was Brennan Hunt’s choice, seated too at the computers.

Two brothers, Gage and Gavin Walker, first and third graders at South Boston, shared favorite books: “Owl of Ga’Hoole” and books on GI Joe.

A lively reader, Cluster Springs fifth grader Shannon M. Saunders, would buy any book from the “Junie B. Jones” series.  Her sharp sense of humor also points her to Dr. Seuss, especially “Hop on Pop,” and the comical Rhyming “Dust Bunnies” which features a vacuum cleaner as a main character.  Actually this avid reader could have continued with her to-buy list, but her family was ready to checkout.  

Other readers, two sisters in cubical at the back of the library spoke up quietly.  Tamara Canada, a Halifax County High School student, enjoys the “Bulford” series.  She described the books as “good, adventuresome and a little rough.”  

Her sister Manique, who attends the Halifax Middle School, identified “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” as a book she would buy from a book sale.  

One day, at the Halifax Public Library, the three Townes sisters spoke up about books.  Kayla prefers anything about Scooby Doo and Talia likes cartoons.  Shakira just listened as her sisters spoke.  

These young library patrons plan to attend the Friends of the Library book sale at the former Halifax Elementary that gets under way Oct. 10 and continues until Oct. 13.