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Halifax class of 1972 celebrates 40th reunion

Members of the 1972 class of Halifax County Senior High School convened at the Wedgewood Golf Center for its 40th reunion on June 9, from 3 to 6 p.m.  

Most of the classmates who attended the 38th reunion two years ago returned with the same enthusiasm and excitement.  A group of about 15 members who were not at the reunion in 2010 were welcomed.  

No formal program of speeches, slide shows or Powerpoint presentations were made.  

Like two years ago, classmates simply enjoyed reviewing the 1972 yearbook, discussing their high school days and sharing details of their current lives.  

Uniting around a good meal, with music in the background, was the highlight of the event. 

James “Wendell” Hendricks who, as he did two years ago, served as major organizer for the event taking care of all the major reunion details.

He contacted members, planned carefully each aspect of the reunion and prepared the majority of the menu items.  

While the food was just as delicious as it was in 2010, special mention must be made of the succulent smoked ribs Hendricks prepared this year.  

“His recipe should be entered into a national cooking contest,” said Dr. James J. Davis, a member of the class of 1972 of Halifax County High School who traveled from Washington, D. C. to attend the reunion.

  Hendricks also is credited with baking the decorated reunion cake.

Classmates expressed appreciation to members of the class who assisted Hendricks, and they honored Hendricks for his singular and outstanding efforts. 

Members present voted to reunite in June 2014 to celebrate the class’ 42nd year since graduation.   

Several members commented, half jokingly, about the “dangers” of waiting five or 10 years saying that as they enter their more senior years, they should probably consider meeting yearly.  

Members of the class of 1972 are now reaching their sixth decade of life, and the number of deceased members increases each year. About 10 names were added to the list that was prepared in 2010.  

“So, a class reunion does not just celebrate the years passed since our high school graduation; it celebrates our lives, our vitality, and our survival,” said Davis.  

It is significant that a group of class members sang a few gospel songs as they departed.   

For some attendees, the reunion also offered an opportunity to return to Halifax County/South Boston to visit relatives and friends while observing some positive changes and developments in their hometown community.  

“One of the highlights of my visit was a stop by the recently opened Halifax County/South Boston Visitor Center, located at the intersection of highways 360 and 58.  I was quite pleased to have a lively conversation with a staff member who took me down memory lane by telling stories of my relatives and others in the community in which I was raised,” Davis said. 

“I was delighted also to see at the center a display on Henrietta Lacks, a Halifax County native about whom much has been publicized in the past several years. See ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’  by Rebecca Skloot, 2010. I encourage all to visit and support the center,” Davis added.

 Future reunion activities might include a visit together to some of the important historical sites in Halifax County.   

Since the reunion, Davis said he has had contact with some class members who were unable to attend the 40th reunion.  They invariably asked: “How was it?”  

 “It was very similar to our reunion two years ago, but it was different in several ways.  We learned of the whereabouts of other classmates. I was pleased to learn of more interesting and outstanding life achievements of our classmates.  I simply wish that more members of the distinguished class of 1972 will join us in the future.  Our common history ties us together for a lifetime,” Davis said.