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Car wash to raise money for dog with tumor

For the past 10 years, Oak Level resident Renie Burch has been rescuing dogs. It all started when she took her bird dog, Bandit Hooligan, to the vet, and she ran away. 

Since that day, Burch has used her connections with Amelia Animal Control to try to find Bandit. 

In the process, she became the owner of many dogs from chihuahuas to pit bulls to bloodhounds.

 “I wasn’t blessed with children, so these dogs are like my children,” Burch said in a recent interview. “People bring me dogs, and I go online to find dogs. It just breaks my heart to see puppies put down or abandoned.” 

While finding her dogs, one special dog won her heart — her border collie and chow chow mix, Joe-Joe. Burch rescued Joe-Joe from being on the streets after a man found him at the dumpsters. Joe-Joe is about 5 years old with brown thick fur and different colored eyes, one blue and one brown. 

About eight months ago, Burch found out Joe-Joe had a tumor, and it was removed immediately. Recently, the tumor has grown back, but Burch doesn’t have the funds this time for his surgery. 

The surgery will cost anywhere from $400 to $600 depending on if they will have to remove his leg. 

An employee at H & H Grocery, each week Burch purchases up to 500 to 700 pounds of dog food and uses her pay to take care of other dog expenses such as spaying, neutering and dental work. 

 “I have been trying to save the money for his surgery, but I’m running out of time,” Burch said. “I love my dogs, and I will do anything to save his life.”

To help raise funds, Burch and her friends, human and canine, will hold a car wash Saturday, June 23, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Savings Station in Centerville. 

Cost is $5 to wash a car, and all donations will be welcomed, she said.

Soft drinks and chips also will on sale during the car wash.

If weather permits, Burch said she hopes to bring Joe-Joe out for a few hours for everyone to see.